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  1. To be fair, after some consideration with some other people who are also confused about the optional Ervo features, I might just remove the option entirely. It's no where near a major feature and doesn't add much at all. However on the topic of features... this mod has had a much better launch thus far than I expected. I put together a list of 7 potential candidate minor planet systems (14 objects when including moons/binary companions) to considering adding in subsequent updates to the mod due to this positive reception. Can't confirm if I'll do anything like that at this point, since I am
  2. Yes, temp is a dupe. The textures simply need to be moved into the MPE>MPE_Textures>PluginData folder within the mod, and the Config into the KopConfigs folder. It uses Kopernicus Expansion regional PQS to give Ervo better, more realistic craters, it was more of an experiment a friend demonstrated to me rather than a proper intentional piece of the final product. That config may have some outdated features, I can't remember when I removed KopEx requirements from the base mod, but it may have been even before I added biome maps, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  3. It depends. This version of the mod does work on Kopernicus 1.8.1 as far as I'm aware, however ring-shaders are very broken, making all rings appear very dark for both OPM and MPE. If this visual glitch is fixed in Kop 1.9.1, I will be more than happy to update the mod!
  4. They do indeed! Biomes maps and science definitions are pretty much done! Mystery Goo reports were a bit lazy, I will admit, but I simply didn't like writing them as they're more comedic than they are actual science tools. More mystery goo reports may come in a future update, but as of now there are at least two goo report per object. However most everything has a full set of fun, lore-building reports for anything crew related! EVA reports, surface samples, and crew reports are where all the best ones are!
  5. THE MINOR PLANETS EXPANSION - 1.0.5 This One's for the Little Guys! I have worked on this mod for a few months now. It all started after I failed to find a mod that added analogues to various minor planets that was on par with something like OPM, or at the very least compatible, and the few mods I did find were all outdated. I took it upon myself to make a mod myself that would fill in these missing niches in the Stock+OPM system. Particularly, asteroids, comets, centaurs, and dwarf planets. I wrote down a list of nine objects, and now, four months later, I have now created my first planet p
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