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  1. Is this mod compatible with realism overhaul, rp-1, and kerbalism? I really want to use it. Thanks!
  2. Wow, I just saw this right after I started up KSP. Thanks for maintaining this awesome mod
  3. Columbia was an unique shuttle. She was thiccer than the other shuttles because she had more equipment in the aft than others. Mechanics had a love hate relationship with her. I read bringing columbia home. great book Rip columbia and her crew
  4. It was fun and pretty easy; I am not a expert, but all I had to do was learn 3 stitches. Plus, I glued some of the stuff on for simplicity. I am still working on the template
  5. I am having a problem with procedural fairings and this mod. there are gaps.
  6. I really wanted a jeb plush but it was out of stock. So I made my own one. If you want, I can make a template and share it. I handstitched it, and jeb turned out very well! https://imgur.com/Z28Mb9w
  7. Hey. I am playing KSP with Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System and SPE I keep on getting this problem this Is it a glitch with Simple Procedural Engines? Everything is fine in the vab, but when I launch, it happens Please find a solution, I have been dealing with it for a month Thanks!
  8. Hello. I was bored and decided to build an ssto. I built it, and when I got on the runway and started takeoff, the plane yawwed hardd to the left even with no input. I tried and tried fixing it, but after 3 hours, it was still a problem. Please help me!! Is there a way to fix the physics engine itself? I think a mod messed up stuff, and I don't know how to. Thanks!
  9. I visit the Apollo 12 CM every week end because I volunteer at the museum. They also got some other cool stuff, like an orion capsule, a gemeni capsule, and a mercury capsule.
  10. I asked my friend who has one. The arms are a bit long. Is it a measuring error by me, or is it the design?
  11. Do I have to change this ascent profile for bigger/smaller rockets, or is it the same?
  12. Hello there. I am making a kerbal plushie/doll for Art class. Does anyone have a template or a outline that I can use? I have difficulties making the body of Jeb. Thanks!
  13. I tried doing that with the kerbal x but I end up turning horizontal at 10 km. Is it just the rocket design? Is it more efficicient to just do the standard 100 m/s 45degrees at 10km thing than this?
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