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  1. I think the rate for producing rocket parts is way too low. Blue workshop produces 1944 rocket parts per day from metal. K&K workshop produces 15 rocket parts per day from stuff and complex parts. The rate never gets better from what I can tell. It just requires less complex parts. To get the equivalent of one blue workshop I'd need to have 130 k&k workshops with 520 mechanics/engineers. To reach my goals I'd need thousand of mechanics/engineers. It's simply not feasible. My tiny Mun base is over 7,000 rocket parts. My medium Minmus base is over 23,000 rocket parts and will probab
  2. Each hydroponics module produces 2 snacks, but at tier 0, each Kerbal consumes only 0.2 per day. This means that each hydroponics module supports 10 Kerbals (2 / 0.2 = 10). My station now has a ridiculous 30 Kerbals which exactly fills the capacity of the 3 hydroponics units. I'm currently at 4.25% progress and 217.54 days left to go towards Tier 1. That means that I might be able to achieve tier 1 hydroponics slightly late for the first Duna launch window. For greenhouses it's 5 Kerbals per greenhouse (2 / 0.4 = 5), but it's not as important because it's not limited by the amount consume
  3. So far I've been making heavy use of the Kerbal Inventory System Mod. With that I can place parts overlapping the recycler and they get sucked up into it. I don't think I plan to use the recycler for complex part production but if I did I'd just stick it right on the launch pad so as soon as the part gets released it gets sucked up. So far it's been more of a trash where I can shed extra part count on my LKO station. Speaking of which, I have some unsolicited suggestions, which you should feel very free to ignore if they don't align with your vision or priority list. I've been very slo
  4. Seams like a drastic change to the recycler. By default recycled vessels are turned into 90% scrap metal and 10% loss. The progressive colonization config replaces this with 30% rocket parts, 10% complex parts, and 60% loss. On the one hand, the 60% loss is a pretty dramatic nerf. On the other hand, the complex parts is a huge buff, as you can sustainably recycle rocket parts into complex parts and then use those complex parts to craft more rocket parts then you started with (tier 2+). I guess stuff isn't actually a storeable resource which is why rocket parts don't recycle into stuff?
  5. I'm sure you still have some game balancing to do but you've made a fantastic mod just as it is today. Do keep in mind that some of us enjoy reading the instructions before assembling the furniture and if something isn't calculated for us we will want to calculate it. It's rocket science after all! Speaking of which, is there a reason to use the hydroponic module vs the aquaculture module?
  6. Thanks NermNermNerm, this makes more sense now that I understand that it's the amount produced and there is no way to store hydroponic snacks. I've made some progress unlocking research and so I did some math for the hydroponics, for Tier 0 -> Tier 1. Thought that I would share the results here because I don't see this type of information already written down anywhere. The hydroponics module produces 2 units of Agroponic snacks per day (not listed as an output because it's eat it or loose it). If you had a single Kerbal doing all hydroponics research by themselves it would take 6816 Ke
  7. This is my first foray into modded kerbal space program. Your wiki tutorial is a great start but I am feeling pretty confused even after having read it a few times. Keep in mind I've not actually gotten far enough in my save file to unlock the necessary parts to progress with the mod very far. 1. I don't understand how research works. Does the research come from eating the snacks or making the snacks? Wiki doesn't actually say how research works (that I can find) just that I can build a base and then I need to upgrade it later. 2. Is there a menu where I can see my progress/unlock status
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