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  1. getting ready for a LKO rescue of a scientist on the way to her first Minmus landing.
  2. So after too much GWA (Goggle Work Avoidance) this afternoon, i stumbled on this NASA index image - NASA-5-64-3704 or SPACE STATION by NASA Publication date 1964-01-01 Multi-module Operational National Multipurpose Space Station. Addeddate 2011-05-19 00:04:00 Identifier S64-03704 Year 1964 from the old Astronautix site i dug up this - http://astronautix.com/s/self-deploygspacestation.html "The Self-Deploying Space Station began with a design study in June 1960 by North American Aviation under NASA contrac
  3. Built a lower profile Vacc Lander (here docked to a Stock Vacc World Fuel/Crew transfer depot, and free flying). Gathered over 2100 Science from 2 seperate Surface Hop transits using only a Science Jr., Thermometer, Barometer, Mystery Goo. Rendevous for refueling and Crew between each three surface hop flights. Missing only Poles and slopes. Time to insert one into orbit around the Mun for the Protracted Mun Science Raid. Planning on 2 Biome hops per each Mun surface transit.
  4. Thanks, I apologize for not rereading my question and adding more details Clamp-o-Tron. My bad for posting after Rye. Minmus Polar Orbit and Munar Polar Orbit with RA-2 Dishes. My thinking is that this easily covers both moons as I wring every last Science out of them. Thanks for your points.
  5. Did you 'run test' or 'activate thru staging'? This is usually where i missed a critical reading roll with these contracts. Good Luck!
  6. Is there any reason not to set up a 3 Sat Comm Relay in a Polar Orbit?
  7. A Minmus Fly-by A Minmus Polar Orbit kicking Bob out at, Almost, every biome for an EVA report - Guess which one i missed... damn highlands hiding. Got a Minmus orbit station contract, planning on Polar.
  8. Look at me Go Had a Docking contract come up for Mun orbit. So Jeb got to ferry a Station hub to Mun orbit, where he rescued two stranded Kerb-o-nauts, before parking the Hub. Used a previous rescue to Ferry out my first 3 Kerbal Capsule, she moved into the station hub while Jeb and his rescues moved into the return craft. This was Jeb's first landing where his Lithobraking was under 5 m/s for once. This and, other, landings brought to you by Plutonium Nyborg
  9. So after a summer off and restarting the game. I managed a Mun Landing near the Neil Armstrong Monument, 5 Restarts from save at least to figure out the correct crater rim. Launched from the Mun and back into a, mostly, equatorial orbit. 4 restarts from a Save file Scratched my head as to how i could end up .8 Science Points away from another 160 Tech bubble opening. Back to the Mun it seems This and, other, landings brought to you by Plutonium Nyborg
  10. Rescued Lev from LKO this morning. A free Kerbonaut seems like a great way to build up the corps without buying Kerbonauts. Or does the next Kerbonaut still cost more? Thanks to both Scott Manley and Matt Lowne for the rendezvous tips, tutorials or not you two are lessoning the learning curve. Kinda miffed that Lev could/would not Board after Grabbing the rescue capsule - maybe he has an issue with Jeb over Valentina. There was a free seat in there for him but he would not board. I reloaded and there was no problem this time with him boarding. Time to launch a Space Station
  11. Career Mode (First time player too) Finally landed and returned Valentina from Minmus. (about a week to 10 days, on and off of efforts)
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