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  1. Did you install al of the mods for the version 1.7.3? Because Kopernicus seems to be the problem if it is installed in a version older or newer than the intended version it wont work. https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/ - Kopernicus (install the 1.7.3 version)
  2. Had this issue a month ago. Didn’t fix it. I instead started to play the career mode. Probably a mod issue, Can you list the mods that you have?
  3. Probably a problem with a mod that you have. I had the same issue and I fixed it by deleting the mod Extraplanetary launchpads. And what menu are you talking about the main menu or the pause menu?
  4. You need to instal the dependencies: Community terrain texture pack (bundled with OPM) Module manager and kopernucus. You may need to downgrade to 1.8.1 because Kopernicus is version locked and can only work on the version that it was programmed to. Put all of that into your game data folder. To access that go to steam:steam apps:common:Kerbal space program. You should see the fame data folder there. And when you run the game the planets should show up. By the way the mod Minor Planets Pack is an amazing mod that adds dwarf planets and goes well with OPM. Highly recommend you check it out.
  5. So I’m playing a 1.8.1 version of the game with 71 mods. When I land my vessel and try to click on the Recover vessel button nothing happens. I also can’t save , load saves, quick save, exit the game, go to the space centre. Mac OSX Launcher. Physics are in GameData/ModuleManager.Physics Here is the log if anyone needs it
  6. So there is a problem.The planets that have an atmosphere turn black. I have EVE installed so i think that is the problem
  7. Does this mod support Galaxies unbound nova kirbani?
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