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  1. Try NovaSilisko's BACE pack. It's a bit outdated since he stopped developing his mods, but it has nice base parts.
  2. Where in the cfg do you put that? Maybe it will fix my problem too.
  3. Version 1.3.5 is the version I used to take those pictures. :/ I've tried removing it from the game, starting the game, closing it, and finally reinstalling the addon but that didn't work. I've even reinstalled mechjeb.
  4. Did you find a fix or is it still broken for you?
  5. I've been experiencing a very peculiar bug with your parts pack...more specifically with the rotary engine. When placed, there are two separate propellers, and this continues after the craft is launched. I installed the addon correctly, even reinstalled it. I'm not sure how to fix it, so can anyone help me out? The pack is great otherwise. PS: The floats are from Tosh's Seaplane Floats pack.
  6. This part looks pretty awesome. Can't wait for it to be released. It would be awesome to see a 1 meter version to match with the smaller fuselages, however. Keep it up!
  7. In the first aero engine picture, what plugin/addon is that with the laser guidance stuff?
  8. Visit the Typing Test and try! ;D
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