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  1. It's probably because there are atmospheres included in the mod and I have not yet made a patch to disable them when Scatterer is installed. For now you can delete the "ScifiVisualEnchancements_Atmospheres" folder.
  2. 95 more pages until 500 pages at which point we are at 5% of the goal.
  3. Ryzen 9 5900x (OC to 4.7ghz), 32gb ram at 3200mhz, RTX 3060, 750gb nvme storage and 2tb hdd. But the m1 Might still be faster in single core
  4. I reinstalled and re-downloaded it twice, and It is still there. I tried installing using CKAN, and It is still there. I use the Linux version of ksp. It is just Duna, no other planets have problems.
  5. I'm back and I am going to be working on scatterer configs as well as possibly OPM support.
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