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  1. ok I am gonna remove EPL and see if its gonna get fixed on its own
  2. Here is my player.log mate. Its in downlaod link cause the text on it is too big and for some reason when i try to upload it, the site doesnt let me. https://we.tl/t-20jCeY9q9R
  3. @Nertea I installed the mod and all its dependecies but when I open my game it says that B9PartSwitch has had a fattal error and bellow this: No Tank Type named "SSPXRocketParts" exists and I am forced to quit the game . DO you know how I can fix this or do you need a crash report or something along those lines?
  4. @Avera9eJoe By no kopernicus on the 1.9 release do you mean that I cant use it yet until kopernicus 1.9.1 is released or jsut that I do not need kopernicus to run it?
  5. I tried that but the engine does not use the fuel even though it recognizes it its weird
  6. mate now that I have it installed I can not figure out how to attach the external Pulse Unit magazines to the Payload Spines fro the life of me. Could you explain to me how they attach or upload a video? Ty
  7. Hey @taniwha , I know that you are probably working on it and this comment might be a littel bit of an annoyign question but do we have an ETA on when the mod is gonna be updated for 1.8.1?