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  1. There's a bug that really annoys me. Whenever I drop a rover off of something like a nearby plane, then fly the plane, land it near the rover and switch to the actual rover, the rover starts floating in the air with no control. It slowly drifts upwards and I have to EVA my Kerbals off of it because it can't be recovered. Recently it's been happening with some other things and really annoys me.
  2. Hmm... Could use some fine tuning but I like the idea. I just thought of a good introduction for a KSP movie... In a galaxy, far, far, away... As Jebediah Kerman struggles to conserve Delta-V on his round trip to Eve, KSC ground teams prepare the Colossus XII to redirect an asteroid passing dangerously close to the Mün... With end credits- Jebediah Kerman as himself Deep-Space Kraken as himself Time-Warp Kraken as himself Asteroid Kraken as himself Docking Kraken as himself Valentina Kerman as herself Kraken of large toilets found in unnamed K
  3. Val- Having always wanted to be ahead of everyone else in skill, Val had always been competitive. She fell in love with Jeb in high school, and maintains whenever she is asked about it that it is a thing of the past. Though she always volunteers to go on the same missions as him. Known for her tendency to improvise in difficult situations, when you need someone who doesn't say everytime something blows up "We didn't need that," she is the kerbonaut for you.
  4. Got a story for Bob: Bob- Bob was a unique kerbal as a child. He was often finishing the teacher's sentences and raised his hand all the time. He won three Science Fairs in a row. As an adult, he tried to become a biologist but all the colleges rejected him due to his immense cowardice. So he switched to learning orbital physics and taught himself rocket science. He discovered General Relativity, but Albert Kerman is officially credited. He worked a bit at Kelus (now known as Rokea inc.) and became interested in becoming a kerbonaut. Afterwards he was hired by KSC and became a veteran ker
  5. Makes sense... And maybe different Kerbals level up faster than others, with the veteran kerbals leveling up the fastest in KSP 2.
  6. Could you put it in Layman's terms?
  7. Got another background for Bill: Bill- Well known in his town for being able to fix just about any car or truck, Bill was always a good mechanic. He was later interested in becoming an engineer. Having graduated and earned a degree in engineering, he started looking for a good job. His buddy Jeb said that Wernher von Kerman was looking for some kerbonauts. At first Bill didn't like the idea of sitting on a rocket, but after Jeb made the first successful suborbital flight, Bill was convinced it was safe enough. Still having a mild fear of rockets, he is now the engineer of the original ker
  8. I just realized that if all the main characters had backstories, somebody could actually write a book about KSP. If this thread actually gets a good background on everyone, I myself might make another thread including a KSP story.
  9. What are good background stories for the Kerbals we all know? Here is my personal suggestion for Jeb: Jeb- Having lived a life flying planes and helicopters in ways even the craziest daredevil would not recommend, Jebediah has always been fearless. He is often found grinning and was actually banned from his grandmother's funeral due to the fact he kept laughing and smiling through the whole thing. One day he found a flyer from Wernher von Kerman, who at that time was the CEO of KSC, saying "Looking for Kerbonaut applicants- At KSC, Aerospace Dr." Attempting to boost his reputation, h
  10. I can't find out how. It's under Account, right?
  11. It's time I painstakingly make my submission... Saturn V Jr. ready for launch Second stage ignition- forgot to take a photo of liftoff The delicate payload is revealed for all to see- also second stage separation BEHOLD!! Third stage with a single swivel engine "Ambershine" Service Module performs a 180 degree turn and docks with the LM Free Return maneuver planning 3rd stage is detached What was supposed to be the Munar Roving Vehicle fails to regain stability as it is missing a pair of RCS thrusters- but the MEM didn't have a Junior docking port so it
  12. Yeah... If I've learned anything it's this- New recruits are more expensive then an interplanetary rocket. I managed to create a rocket which allowed me to rescue two separate Kerbonauts from space at the same time. One was a pilot and the other was a scientist. So now my technique is this- Contracts=kerbals/money
  13. Got a flyby of the Mün earlier today- Unfortunately, while completing a contract after the flyby, Jebediah crashed into the sea and died. So now he's K.I.A. But I don't really care because I still have Val as a backup.
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