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  1. Will look into it! Thank you very much, this may be just what I'm looking for
  2. Hey all-

    I may as well explain where I've been. Last summer, my girlfriend was in a car crash. For 2 weeks, she was on death's door, it was easily the worst two weeks of my life. She pulled through (incredibly happy, it was amazing the day she came home from the hospital!)  but that whole experience had completely shattered me mentally. Not long afterwards..she cheated. Left me. For two weeks, someone who meant the world to sat inbetween life and death, crossing over multiple times. Her heart stopped, her lungs stopped...but she kept kicking. By a sheer miracle, she made it! It was hell. It was pure hell to watch it. The experience is very hard to describe. And to see it all be almost pointless? That caring so much, being there was for almost nothing? It broke me. It broke my mind. Mentally, I was free falling. I became cynical.  Why care so much for someone, why go through so much pain all for that? I started drinking a lot. I became disillusioned with everything I ever was taught.  The monotone of school, the drudgery of winter, pain in relationships, friendships...It really wore me down. I'm getting better, I might be on here more often.  I went through a crucible of sorts. I shave my head, I took up boxing. It's helped some. But for now...that's where I've been. 

  3. Well, I've got an issue. 2012 Ford Fusion SE, 110,000 miles. When I make a left hand turn and apply gas during the turn, there is a grinding noise from my passenger side wheel. When I apply the gas gently/coast there is no noise. Possible driveshaft issue? I live in the midwest, so a salt/rust buildup is likely, but if it is that I don't understand why it only makes the grinding noise when I apply gas.
  4. haha...just saw this thread. Yep. We've had 200% our usual amount of snowfall this year. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Joy.
  5. Happy birthday bud!!! America! Old enough to die for an oil company, but still can't drink.
  6. Lewie

    DC trip

    Yep! SO. DANG. AMAZING. The meatgrinder sent shivers down our spines. Mad respect to those guys, rifle drill is tough!
  7. Lewie

    DC trip

    Hi all! I just got back from a trip to Washington DC. I don't post much anymore on the forums, but Idk just felt like sharing this. Got a glimpse at a couple Rivian RT1 trucks being transported around the outskirts of DC Our first day there we were lucky enough to tour 8th&I, the oldest Marine Corp barracks in the U.S. (this was a trip for my MCJROTC unit)
  8. Hey, more dev time is needed. Crunching+development hell is rough on devs, happy devs are people that want a normal work load, too and good-working devs. Take all the time you need, what you have shown so far is *amazing* we are happy to wait
  9. Привет. Меня зовут Аарон, я американец из русской семьи. Моя семья живет в Америке уже много лет. Прошу прощения за использование Google переводчика, в наше время в Америке мы потеряли связь со своими корнями. Я ищу, чтобы иммигрировать в Россию, чтобы вернуться домой. Есть ли у кого-нибудь советы по изучению русского языка/знания о процессе иммиграции в Россию?
  10. Buddy, I think we have that meme all around the world
  11. The devs rock! They don’t have to show us anything, and everything they do show is is awesome! Probably will be able to edit the files. It’s stupidly easy to edit lap’s music, there’s a fair chance that ksp2 will be the same/similar. The music used in ksp is royalty free, so you can get it no problem
  12. Lewie


    Does a set of all sets contain itself? Everything I say is a lie This statement is false New mission-Refuse this mission!
  13. Nothing too major, really but finally 100%-ed Half-life 2
  14. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy This has got to be the most stressful part since launch
  15. Yessire, it really is! I still can’t bring myself to believe that Webb is ACTUALLY in that fairing, ACTUALLY about to launch…this thing has been in development longer the I’ve been alive, ain’t that something?
  16. Happy to see the robotic drift bug finally squashed...you all are the best!!
  17. The experience is the journey, not the destination! I’ve always liked to follow a more realistic approach to exploring celestial bodies…usually will send a fly-by probe, then an orbiter, an unmanned lander, maybe a sample return mission, then crewed missions before building a base+orbiting station. Really, after you get to an celestial body your options are: 1. Send rover 2. fly a plane if possible 3. build a surface base 4. Grab some nifty screenshots
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