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  1. Hello @AdmiralTigerclaw . I tried to go to Github to download the mod but the link says there is a privacy error. Can you give me a alternate download link for the mod .
  2. Hello Angel125. I tried it but there was no parts of the mod in the version
  3. Hello Angel125 , i am using ksp 1.7.2 . Can you tell me which version of pathfinder should I use
  4. I am still using ksp 1.7.2 . I want to know does it work with my version
  5. Vanamonde, yes you can share it in this thread and i shall make the missions in the same order they were completed Yes , it can be any mods.
  6. This is the recreation of all the important space flights from 1951 to 2020 .Players can send crafts to support this thread.
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