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  1. Hey all! It's Hebzepbiah here again. The challenge this time is to make an airship or a baloon! It doesn't need any gas or whatsoever. NO AIRSHIP MODS ALLOWED!! Note: You can also just abuse the physics and use a kraken drive Prize: Fame (But not fortune) Just to give you an idea about what I'm talking about, here are some of the ones I made. A baloon An airship Happy flying!
  2. @jimmymcgoochieSure does! Cubs are nice engines, aren't they? I also used them for the model BFR.
  3. @Stamp20 Hey, I made a model F9 as well! Did you use the Cub verniers for the main engines as well? That's what I did.
  4. Hey rocketeers! I've got a challenge. Build a half or quarter scale model of your favorite real-life rocket in KSP! Prize: Fame (but not fortune.)
  5. To be incredibly honest, most of the stock KSP engines are just made-up engines. The panther jet might just be any old jet engine, but the Terrier is good for Apollo LM ascent stage.
  6. The trivia is incredibly helpful, it just really doesn't work for some engines. (Mainsail does not say real-life vulcain.)
  7. I actually never knew that the RE-M3 Mainsail was supposed to be the Ariane 5 Vulcain until this update. Nice revamps.
  8. Space shuttles are hard stuff. What boosters did you use? That looks like a Kickback or a tweakscaled Clydesdale. If you have MH then I suggest you use Pollux with the 1.875m nose cone, it's the correct scaling (just the tail doesn't look right.) Nice job!
  9. Well, at the Dessert Airfield there are some cacti. I haven't tried scanning them though.
  10. Mastodon - F-1 Rhino - J-2X Mammoth - SLS Main Wolfhound - Apollo SM Skiff - J-2 Pollux - Space Shuttle SRB RK-7 - Soyuz Family Engines Cub - Soyuz side engines Bobcat - Titan II First Stage Cheetah - Titan II Second Stage And many, many more!
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