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  1. Aren't the 2 videos + 2 corresponding logs enough? You can see what happens with KIS installed in the first video and what happens without KIS installed in the second video.
  2. @linuxgurugamerI'd mark KSP_PartVolume as incompatible with KIS. Because it is.
  3. KIS parts with added ModuleCargoPart also bug out like that. They don't have stock volumes by default. Video with KIS installed and the debugging PartVolume version (I even removed the partvolumes.cfg file before launching KSP): Log file at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hgIMrqJhHcJz48LWfnZ7TXWeRFNKzzBQ/view?usp=sharing By any inventory I meant any stock inventory. New info. PartVolume doesn't bug out when KIS is not installed. Some icons are black as you can see in this video but all the parts can be put in stock inventories. I uninstalled KIS. This is the log from the second test https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yci5n_E2zyqK2DNAt0du8veuk6qLGF6L/view?usp=sharing
  4. That would prevent me from using jetpacks etc, so there's no need for that. I just haven't noticed before that KIS calculated its own volumes, completely separate from stock volumes. The volume calculations are still weirdly inflated in all cases, compared to mathematical volumes, but that's not a big deal as long as they're relatively balanced.
  5. I wonder why parts that haven't been configured with PartVolume don't bug out like that
  6. I'll tell you why I said that KSP_PartVolume was only usable with KIS. There's a bug. When you use the stock EVA build mode to first detach a part that KSP_PartVolume added a volume to, you can't put it in any inventory. I thought that this mod was completely broken but it's only bugged. Notice how this part has 32 volume at first but then changes to -1 volume. Also, I don't know that KIS added volumes to custom parts (it was obvious.)
  7. @linuxgurugamerSpeaking of intended features... (totally not a LTT reference) this mod doesn't allow the parts with generated ModuleCargoPart to be placed in stock inventories EDIT: after being placed down, see video below. I think this mod is only usable with KIS (and it works great with KIS but it feels useless with stock KSP) I'd suggest an option for this mod: Allow all parts to be placed in inventories (modifies parts which already have volumes to make them placeable in stock inventories, especially stock parts) (this could be turned on by default because stock inventory is so much worse than KIS because of this difference alone) Allow unconfigured parts to be placed in inventories (doesn't modify stock and modded parts which already have ModuleCargoPart) (the parts this mod configures can't be placed in stock inventories... why?) that's a bug I hope that's clear enough.
  8. 1.11.2. M700 Survey Scanner is always open in the VAB and can't be closed. Trying to close it displays console errors (Object reference not set to an instance of an object) and makes the Deploy and Retract buttons disappear. Would you like some logs? I already uninstalled it and didn't test other animated modules in the VAB.
  9. I had both installed through CKAN.
  10. Everyone agrees KIS is better than stock EVA construction mode but nobody wants to prove it, so here's a list I made to prove it's true: KIS allows manipulating almost all parts, provided that the mass doesn't exceed 1 t for 1 nearby Kerbal (configurable.) Stock KSP only allows building with a very limited amount of parts due to inventory and volume restrictions. KIS allows manipulating multiple connected parts. Stock KSP doesn't. KIS works with the mod KSP_PartVolumes which adds volumes to all parts that previously didn't have them. Stock KSP doesn't allow putting those parts in any inventories. KIS build mode is safer than stock, eliminating the risk of deorbiting stuff while building in 0-g environments, as it seems at first glance. KIS build mode... isn't a build mode. You just drag and drop without changing modes. Simpler. KIS allows attaching parts anywhere, while stock KSP sometimes only allows detaching parts but won't allow attaching them, even in the same place (it's showing red instead of green and the part can't be attached anywhere, no workaround) KIS is more volume-dependent than just slot-dependent. Containers, especially Kerbal inventories just have more slots. The only good thing stock KSP does that KIS doesn't is the visuals – the laser welder.
  11. SAR doesn't work in 1.11.2 for me, even though it's marked 1.11.2-compatible on CKAN. The buttons from ScienceAlertRealerted just don't appear on any of the two toolbars. What's funny is that in toolbar settings I can choose which toolbar should display this mod's buttons but in the end no toolbar displays them. Edit: works after reinstallation
  12. Just an opinion about balance. Appaloosa Block 2 is completely OP for having 4 crew in 1.875 size (3 would be ok.) If it was a cylinder, maybe, but it doesn't fit with other stock-balanced pods. Great mod otherwise!
  13. Well yes, but actually no. The problem happens with RocketParts, Metal and Karbonite containers. It's the same problem. (If Ore wasn't so cheap, it would be happening with the ore container, too.) I'm glad we got it sorted out.
  14. @Lisias About that bug, I think you would get the same results by just spawning any expanding container EDIT: except for the ore container from Baha ELP Redrilled (no scale tweaking needed), but here are the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UnU6AzF9ZC6I1SCPkhTuDUs63S4raeQj/view?usp=sharing The expected result is as follows: the parts list shows that this part costs 0.00 the editor shows that the cost is negative 37,440 when placed down when you fill the container, the editor shows 0.00 when you launch this part as it's empty, you get money when you recover it, you lose money I will stress again that this is stock behavior. All fuel tank configs provide ONLY the "wet cost", whether stock or modded, and the game calculates the dry cost from the cost provided in the configs. This container's cost is negative because its "wet cost" in the config is the dry cost, and that's wrong. The config is wrong. Perhaps we have a misunderstanding, but I hope it'll be sorted out eventually.
  15. I wouldn't agree it's a KSP bug. It might have been because of a KSP update and how KSP now calculates the prices of resource-containing parts but it's normal. Even fuel tank costs in stock KSP and mod configs are set as "wet" costs (the game calculates "dry" costs.) IMO those containers shouldn't only cost 200 credits a piece (they have cost = 200) but that's subjective. However, if you for example set cost = 43440 for the Expanding Metal Container, everything works perfectly fine, just like with any fuel tanks. The parts list displays 43440. When you spawn it, it's empty and costs 6000 and when it's full it costs 43440. I don't see the point in overcomplicating it with a PartModule unless it's relatively simple, since it's enough to just modify `cost` (assuming that the cost of Rocket Parts, Ore, Metal Ore and Kethane won't be modified by other mods – and normally mods don't ever modify the costs of resources.) Unless... the bug you're referring to is the parts list always showing the cost of full resource-containing parts, even if they spawn as empty. Then I'd agree it's a bug. I have Recall installed and it didn't modify the displayed costs. I had to modify the configs myself.
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