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  1. Whoa there, I'm not suggesting you should work on anything. In fact, me and Rodger have done all the work. I only wanted to remind you about a one-character pull request I've made, and not for myself (I've already fixed it months ago on my PC), but for all other Kerbonauts who use SystemHeat and might not know how to fix it. Anyway, if anyone else wants to fix the harvester addon which enables SystemHeat for modded drills, all you need to do is edit the file in Kerbal Space Program/GameData/SystemHeatHarvesters/genericHarvesters.cfg and change `Thermalefficiency ` into `ThermalEfficiency ` (as mentioned a few posts above).
  2. @NerteaA pull request which fixes the Harvester Configuration add-on is waiting for 2 months to be accepted. https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/SystemHeat/pull/96
  3. Wow you're amazing. It finally works, after nearly 1 year from my report. I'm making a pull request on GitHub. There's also another problem, but this time not game-breaking by any means: The first time you start mining, `Ore rate` shows `Load <value>`. When you restart it, it'll only show `Operational`. I tested it without SystemHeat and it only doesn't show Load in vanilla when the temperature is optimal. With SystemHeat installed, it'll never show Load after initially starting a given drill, even if the system has cooled down, even after time warping (tested in KRASH, didn't test reloading a save). I'm also reporting this in SH's GitHub (not expecting it to be fixed tbh.)
  4. Since @Eskandare seems to have abandoned the maintenance of @BahamutoD's Baha EPL Redrilled, maybe it could be incorporated into EPL (if that's allowed) or someone else could adopt? That mod adds really cool parts to EPL and still works, just with minor config bugs that I've found in 2021
  5. 1. There's no warning not to press the button. 2. The button is there. You'd assume that a bug as easy to fix as by removing a button would have been already fixed but... CC has dozens of unsolved issues on GitHub.
  6. There's no progress though In the meanwhile I found a bug that breaks GAP contracts if AJE isn't installed. https://github.com/zer0Kerbal/Fuselage/issues/5 Using :FOR[external mod] is a big no-no! ModuleManager's wiki says: "It is not recommended to use the :FOR directive to refer to other mods than the one you are writing." There's also this suspicious line in ODFC.cfg (the patch) that could be ok or could be not ok. Since :FOR ignored :NEEDS, maybe this one also ignores it? I don't know. @PART[DM-RFC]:NEEDS[ODFC,DaMichel/AeroRadial]:BEFORE[ODFC]
  7. I can't read either. Ok, so it's FOR. I looked for :FOR[Ferram and [AJE in GameData and found something. First, there's a file called Custom_FARAeroData.cfg in GameData root directory and it contains the line "@FARAeroData:FOR[FerramAerospaceResearch]" Second, there's AJE.cfg in DaMichel/Fuselage/Patches and it contains "@PART[DM-fuselage-intake]:NEEDS[AJE]:FOR[AJE]" The first file obviously shouldn't be in GameData but is the second one also coded wrong? It would seem like MM loads FOR despite the NEEDS part not being correct. Anyway, I'm removing both and seeing if KSP works now. EDIT: It works! So this is what was causing the bug that prevents the Wright group contracts from appearing.
  8. This looks interesting, but I don't know what it means: Non-DLL mods added (:FOR[xxx]): FerramAerospaceResearch (other mods listed here) AJE
  9. btw it's :HAS, not HAS: (to be clear, the same error is caused by missing FerramAerospaceResearch and AJE) I checked the last ModuleManager.log without launching the game and there's no :HAS[Ferram or [AJE The only [AJE] mentions are these [LOG 00:08:12.064] :BEFORE[AJE] pass [LOG 00:08:12.064] :FOR[AJE] pass [LOG 00:08:12.066] :AFTER[AJE] pass
  10. You don't understand and I didn't explain it well. FAR isn't installed. AJE isn't installed either. Those folders don't exist in GameData. That's why the requirements that cause the errors shouldn't be trying to load at all. In other words, NEEDS[FerramAerospaceResearch] is not functioning properly (same with the one that needs AJE).
  11. I'm getting a bug I can't debug. It shouldn't be happening. Wright group contracts aren't loading because CC can't find modules from FerramAerospaceResearchand AJE. But the config files have proper requirements so these errors shouldn't be showing up. REQUIREMENT:NEEDS[FerramAerospaceResearch] { name = PartModuleUnlocked type = PartModuleUnlocked title = Aileron or Elevon partModule = FARControllableSurface }
  12. Clicking "Reload Contracts" in the debug menu reloads... all the models from all mods. But wait, there's more! It doesn't reload the contracts! I waited until it reloaded all the models and the contracts didn't reappear in the debug menu. Then I went to main menu and got this:
  13. I found it, thanks. I'd suggest WARNING or ERROR by default.
  14. Can you please remove the log spam for real? It generates exactly 2 copied of the same message per second and that really disturbs debugging when you're trying to read the logs. Nvm, I read the OP and found a way to disable the log spam. I assume it's disabled by default?
  15. Maneuver Node Evolved is bugged at least in 1.12.3, causing input locks when you create more maneuver nodes than 1 (in a rendezvous?). With 1 node it works fine, so this mod is mostly usable. Bug information:
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