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  1. Not sure if you've realised it yet but the values in the spreadsheet are the ACTUAL values with FTP installed. I included realistic values in the comments when you hover over red cells. Red means big problems and yellow means smaller problems with the values in the spreadsheet.
  2. See if the extra-large 2.5m tanks have broken masses like I mentioned in my previous posts.
  3. I solved the puzzle. My bad, I was just reading the wrong values because your fuel tanks have the Oxidiser above the Liquid Fuel when you right-click a tank. All stock tanks have LF above and Ox below (the green bars.)
  4. I had this idea that CE or an optional patch could add the need to keep all LOx-containing tanks cooled, as liquid oxygen is cryogenic. (By the way, the Restock patch could be added to CKAN.)
  5. Uhm... Speaking of NFLV, in my last post I mentioned that S4 and S5 fuel tanks from NFLV have wrong volumes not compensated by the mass (22.(2)% too much volume.) Can you comment on that?
  6. This reminds me of my parachutes breaking (while trying to slow down a 7.5m reusable booster) and on deployment, sending the booster flying at TWICE THE SPEED OF LIGHT into the void. Yes, this was today.
  7. TL;DR this mod has the potential to become the ultimate parts mod, perhaps the most popular one on CKAN, being an alternative for several of the big parts mods. The customizable fuel tank(s) beats procedural parts and is the most useful part I've ever seen! With a better UI that's how it could work in KSP 2. One part replaces a few hundred - no jokes - and the mod also has a myriad of other highly-detailed, multi-function parts and habitats. I can't stress how much I wish this mod was being actively developed to become one mod to rule them all. It could use a custom UI and procedural repl
  8. Now I get it. For those who don't know yet, storable propellants are a category that excludes chemicals which require cooling or heating. It contains no cryogenic chemicals – no liquid oxygen. A storable propellant may be a mono/bi/tripropellant or even a solid propellant. LFO doesn't require cooling in KSP even though it's semi-cryogenic IRL, so I can't call it non-storable as opposed to storable monopropellant, as neither LFO nor monopropellant evaporate in KSP. We can have our own opinions, not a problem. However, it gives me an idea for a realistic Cryogenic Engines addon pat
  9. Hi. Sorry for reviving but I wanted to share how this mod looks like nowadays. It's been over 3 years since the mod died but I like the models (especially the solar panels and the 3.75m pod), so I tested it in KSP 1.10. I conclude that it's 100% playable in 1.10.1, except for a few small bugs, visual problems and overpowered (some brokenly overpowered) parts, most of which must have been there originally. Rocket Factory/Lebeau Space Industries has some unique parts - a non-standard 2m command pod, a 3.75m command pod, really nice fuel tanks and animated solar panels, to name a few. U
  10. I could be (or even should be) doing it like that but then I wouldn't be able to play the Steam instance with mods. Copying the modded Steam instance and uninstalling all the mods isn't so bad with an SSD, though, especially that KSP updates are so rare. You're right, the feature isn't worth the time of the CKAN developers.
  11. There's no way to copy a game instance while skipping the mods, is there? This could be a useful feature.
  12. Dude! The patch converts monopropellant engines from NF Spacecraft to LFO. I guess it's my fault I didn't explain this time what patch I was talking about.
  13. The CryoEnginesRestock patch makes the LH2 Rhino completely OP if Etna is the baseline. Patched LH2 Rhino compared to Etna has higher TWR , 1.5x higher thrust, half the cost, higher Isp (and a smaller size if I recall?)
  14. I still don't see the equivalence... nor the TWR (again, more on that below). Ocelot costs as much as 6 Skippers, having over twice the thrust and and almost twice the mass. At best, ignoring the costs, Ocelot is like 2 Skippers (with better Isp). Not ignoring the costs, Skipper is a budget option while Ocelot is very much the opposite. They're different engines for different-mass rockets (650 kN vs 1400 kN) and I don't see them as equivalents. At the same time, Walrus has about Skipper's thrust, better TWR and is even smaller - all the advantages at once (it only costs twice as much, not
  15. Are you sure it's the corrected version? In my last post I wrote that FTP tanks had broken mass values. Well, it turns out that they were mostly fine, but it's your patch that breaks the mass values for tanks such as the 2.5m extra-large ones - all the huge 2.5 tanks have 1.667t dry mass, and it makes LH2 tanks weigh 0. Also, most but not all of the FTP tanks spawned with your patch installed aren't full of fuel by default (if you go through the parts list, look for ones with a value and (max: X) in the description.) The tanks seen in the screenshot are partially empty by default:
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