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  1. My first ever Mun landing. Or technically any landing outside Kerbin. It took +250hrs gameplay before I even dared to try it first time since doing tutorial stuff! ages ago! I'm very porud of this. Stock world.
  2. I had issue with the latest update of this mod. I'm playing 1.9.1 with JNSQ and bunch of other mods; Whenver I went to the Mission Control and tried to exit from it the MC stayed open and had to either force quit or reload the game, it didn't even allow me to quit to main menu, just load saves and alt+f4. Unfortunately I did not take screenshots from it before jumping back to older version. I can try to reproduce the issue with either same mod loadout or with stock world of 1.9.1 if you need any info about the issue- =D Otherwise, thanks for keeping CC updated!
  3. Don't think you (or any other modders) could do any better than you're already doing with naming .zip's. "Kopernicus_1101_zip"" or "" are clear enough, us players just need to pay more attention to loading/installing instruction when we load them files. =D In example; If I have been long time away from the KSP and start updating my mod folder I just get so excited about playing again, that I pretty much forget to pay enough attention to instructions & usually at that point I have already forgotten "how to mod my game". Thanks for updating Kopernicus by the way, its one of those must have things for me whenever I play KSP. Also nice view of the eclipse!
  4. You have to have exactly same version of Kopernicus what your game is & there is two different versions to download Bleeding Edge branch of Kopernicus. One for both game versions, 1.9.1 and 1.10. Kopernicus is version locked, this sometimes confuses players (me included).
  5. Nope. Kerbalism 4.0 will be compatible with RemoteTech, but it will take some time before its released. I don't have anything to do with the Kerbalism modders, if you want/need more information check their Discord or github for more information!
  6. Hey. Thanks for keeping updated this awesome mod. Love it. I have a question though. I'm starting to build Mun GPS network, but the contract says that Orbit Specifics are Apoapsis: -200,000m & Periapsis; -200,000m. Similar with Minmus GPS network. It says that I have to put GNSS network to -60,000m & -60,000m orbits. Also I can't see either of those contracts in map movde as an offered orbits even if I have turned offered orbits "On" from Tracking Station. Is this correct? Are Apoapsis/Periapsis meant to be 'negative' like it says while same time Kerbin GPS Network contract was 'positive' with Ap 1,581,764m & Pe 1,581,764m. Also Kerbin Contract offered Orbits were visible all the time on the map view. Example screenshot from active Mun contract details down below.
  7. Hello. First of all, great mod and thanks for keeping it updated. I have few issues while recovering Kappa-1 (JAXA) and R-12 Devina (CCCP) probes. Contract does not get completed after I try to recover them. I can do succesfully all needed parts of the contract (launch, science & flight to the needed heights and return to Kerbin), but after that it still stays on active contracts. I'm talking about the 700 contracts Stock version here. I know that it does not work well with Kerbalism, but its still weird that contract with any scientific experience does not get completed, because I have done already couple other very similar contracts just fine. I will try to test both contracts without Kerbalism at some point later, but I wanted you to know about possible issue there. I might even try Pocket Edition with Kerbalism to see if there is similar issues with it. Edit. Tested Kappa-1 with + 700 Contract Stock without Kerbalism, it works fine. So the issue was that it does not work with Kerbalism, I was kinda expecting that.