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  1. Well, to be completely honest here, I got to orbit on JNSQ first try with SOCK and RMM SSME flying with Smart A.S.S, I don't know what payload you're trying to push to orbit but I was able to put 16.8 tons (which looks reasonable when you look at IRL shuttle) without any issues TWR can be an issue depending on your ascent, so my (completely blind) guess is your climb is not as steep as it should be, because the 1.00 TWR (or lower) after booster jettison will not work without some time to AP to spare and proper pitch management How do you fly it?
  2. ship fully fueled on top of fully fueled booster = correct ship fully fueled on it's own = no
  3. It's the opposite, in stock scale everything is overpowered, so no, there's no patch for that
  4. Hello Everyone Today we bring you a small update, mainly to fix some bugs that the majority of the players never noticed, but that were still there Remember to delete the old folder and install it again if you're doing it manually As always the mod is found at Spacedock, CKAN and Github Happy belly flops
  5. first of all, thanks! I tried a few different designs for the doors but the better looking one was the one I released, so probably I won't do another one. inside the extras folder there's a "RO-RP1" folder, just grab it and put into your game data
  6. After a quick search I see your waterfall is loading 7 shaders instead of the 11 mine loads. My guess is outdated waterfall, try updating it
  7. Remember that the "header tank" part must be full for the flip and landing burn and the main body needs to be almost empty, all flaps deployed at the default angle and about ~65º AOA
  8. Thanks! You can find the RO patches in the extras folder
  9. that's an excellent question, have you ever heard of Fossil's Mechazilla?
  10. Starship Expansion Project Starship Expansion Project is a mod being developed by me, Kari, with contribution from the community, this mod aims to give players a more up to date version of the Starship vehicle by SpaceX. This mod is not a perfect recreation and does not aim to be, my personal taste has the final word. Special thanks to @damonvv for allowing us to adapt tundra's plugin to ourselves, @SofieBrinkfor her hard work adapting the code and overall improvement of the mod, @IsaQuestfor the raptor model and textures, TheSpaceEngineer for the grid fin model, @EritoKaiofor indirectly helping me improve myself over the last few months, and you everyone on my discord server for their immense support to our mod, I could not have done without you Screenshots Dependencies Module Manager Waterfall (0.8.1 or higher) B9 Part Switch Extremely Important but not required mods Textures Unlimited (for shiny parts!) Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (For your recovering needs) Trajectories (For aiming your tin cans to the right place) Recommended Mods Starship Launch Expansion (For your stage 0 needs) Community Resource Pack (For your methane needs) Tundra Exploration (For more engine modes on SH) Modular Launch Pads (For even more customization on pads) Fossil's Mechazilla (For those chopsticks needs) Realism Overhaul is officially supported feedback is appreciated Download SEP is officially found at Spacedock, GitHub and CKAN. Any other form of download is not official and should not be trusted FAQ 1. Where is *? R: If you have not found a feature you like, please check our roadmap to see if it's not already planned, otherwise feel free to ask nicely and we'll happily look into it 2. Why there's only 2 engine modes on the booster? R: When we where authorized to use part of Tundra's plugin, we agreed to leave the engine switch on Tundra's mod, as it was made mainly for falcon, if you want an extra mode, install Tundra and it will be on your game 3. What are those names? R: I renamed the parts to match The Expanse (my favorite show) names, if you're not familiar or want to have real names, there is an option for it on the extras folder when you download it 4. Where are the legs? R: Well, to be fair leg design for Starship is tricky, so I've left without it for now, in the meanwhile you can try catching the ship or use one of the legs from KRE 5. IVA? R: uhhh, not happening in the near future, not a big fan Licensing Configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models/plugins are distributed under All Right Reserved License.
  11. Hello! I would like to change my name to Kari (yeah, just one letter difference lmao), if that's not available then Kari1407 Thank you in advance!
  12. Gliding. Basically It generates lift that decreases your vertical speed while increases horizontal speed, then drag slows you down Here's Falcon 9 doing it, look at the orientation changing after ignition
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