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  1. Persistent Thrust might help, I didn't play with the mod too much to see if it behaves properly, but give it a try!
  2. I tested in mine 2.7x rescale and it worked, IDK if worked properly but worked
  3. Mine does work fine in 1.11 Both sounds should be playing, but RP are louder so you can't hear RSE's, this happened to me before, so earlier this month I shared a patch for real plume here, it didn't made release yet, so you probably don't have it installed. About the question, I made configs for most engines in RO and what I did was looking at the engine in the VAB and playing a sound in a audio player, if it matched in my head, that's the one I would pick (honestly it didn't took that long). I thought about using thrust values but I couldn't decide how, so I didn't
  4. I was about to come here and tell the mod seems to be working fine in 1.11 haha
  5. Yes, I got it working and forgot to update haha Here you go That CombinedPlume was the missing piece When I learn how to add a pull request on github I will submit the patch officially Edit: I made a pull request, hope everything is right over there
  6. In RealPlume folder you can find the sounds used and listen to them before ignition to be easier to recognize, but a good idea is just removing the rse patches and hoping everything is silent, lol You are correct, for now there's no engage sound, maybe in a few updates, @ensou04?
  7. I've ran into the same issue while patching RO and CH4, I wrote a MM patch that is partially working The engage, disengage and flameout are ok, but for some reason the main sound is not getting erased despite being deleted by the patch and running after all RP patches, I've even dowloaded the old version of RSE that was dependent on RP and the patches are very similar. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Edit: Ok so it seems that using HAS:[@Plume[1 ]] instead of HAS[@EFFECTS:HAS[1 ]] like it is on the old RSE triggers engines a little bit different and the patch was applied to
  8. Hello There I didn't found exactly what was causing my VAB freezes but on a new install it's not happening anymore, maybe we'll never know On a side note, I think I'm gonna make patches for the engines used in RO and CH4. I still have to test it, but if my hypothesis is correct, we can use the engineType parameter RO uses so different parts connected to that engineType will have the correct sounds. Here's an example of it: (I stole it from your configs and changed the part and yes I am aware of the engineID, but as far as I checked, they don't specify one) In my head,
  9. Wait I am having these issues as well, did these stutters happened before installing soundtrack editor? Does your game also stutters in the VAB after some time? I just checked and it may be worth to check the Soudtrack editor plugin files in KSP_Data and KSP_64x_Data folders because when I tried uninstalling it I forgot to remove those, I'm gonna try these and update you guys later Edit: Didn't solve, so there's something else going on, but my 1.8.1 RP-1 doesn't have this issue
  10. Hi, it's me again I've noticed a log spam in my game. As always, here's the full log and in the spoiler is the message spammed It's something related to the option to muffle chatterer because if disabled the spam stops, it happens in 0.5.2 as well as 0.5.3. I didn't launch anything while looking at the log but my guess is the moment the muffle kicks in the spam starts. On the surface of Kerbin nothing happens. My game sometimes stutter in the VAB and when changing scenes (audio only on scene change) after playing for a while, I have no idea if these two things can be related but i
  11. @ensou04 I deleted them but nothing changed. I used your info to find what exactly was messing up and turns out it was a filter extensions patch on remote tech and the procedural fairings was some dummy parts that represent the upgrades in the tech tree The RT patch I deleted it since I don't use RT and to fix the procedural fairings errors I added a random crash tolerance to the dummy parts and it worked, no errors now! These are the files if someone else ran into these annoying errors Thanks for your help!
  12. First of all, this is amazing, my expectations were high and they were met. But here's the sad part, I got 117 errors in shipeffects.cfg (i didn't screenshot it but I took this from the module manager log) Here's what I have in gamedata and here's my player.log (I did play for a while so it's kinda long) Any idea? The game runs just fine
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