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  1. You still get an option to launch anyway.
  2. The AppLauncher or Application Launcher is a gui toolbar we use to display the MessageSystem, Resource system, currency widgets, contracts app etc. It is also used by mods. The note i had about it this week only concerns the mods and won't have any effect on the stock apps i mentioned. The main part of the update was to make it launch correctly wherever the modders choose to launch the game, for testing purposes mainly in order to speed things up a bit. Before it was rigged to the spacecenter and wouldn't display if a modder used the "launch directly to a scene" method. Making the applauncher
  3. Editor Toolbar Modding Guide: The editor toolbar runs of the class PartCategorizer. Each button on the toolbar is handled by the class PartCategorizer.Category and the actual button is a PartCategorizerButton. There are a myriad of ways to customize your custom filters using these classes but for simplicity i have added two static methods to PartCategorizer which simplifies the process of adding custom filters. How to add a simple custom filter: The following code example explains how to add a simple custom filter. //instantiate the icon Icon myIcon = new PartCategorizer.Icon("my icon", icon
  4. All plugins updated for 0.90 compatibility enjoy
  5. Ok the issue here is that the Application Launcher hides itself in GameEvents.onGameSceneLoadRequested as well. In 0.25 i'm therefore adding a second level event which will fire just before the Application Launcher is about to become !Ready. The event looks like it will be called GameEvents.onGUIApplicationLauncherUnreadifying and it will send with it the GameScene it is about to enter just like onGameSceneLoadRequested.
  6. Never seen that bug before. How does it affect the lazor gui?
  7. Whatever gui framework we go with, we will always have to extend it with our own implementations for non-standard stuff. Currently there are 3 gui frameworks in action in ksp. The only point atm where EzGUI comes short is in the way it handles text and especially text input. We have overcome the biggest hurdles with text display though. If the Unity GUI overhaul delivers better way of handling text input we will probably start using it as well. That said, just because unity comes out with a new way to handle GUI programming doesn't mean we will re-write the whole GUI code of ksp to match it as
  8. This would mean that the slider moves with 0 increments and then only snaps to an increment once you release the knob. It's easier to implement though and might actually work better for setups with large increments.
  9. Please send me a persistence or save file with a little description of what exactly you have to do to reproduce this bug.
  10. If you can't see the texture you have to send me your log so i can figure out why it's not loading properly...
  11. Should work fine afaik, been playing around with it a bit myself lately testing some experimental planes. I flew around kerbin in this plane http://i.imgur.com/5Rk0BrP.png
  12. I see your point and it is a fair one. But i can't just revert it back to allowing timewarp at extended loading distances cause in my opinion that creates move havoc. So i guess the only option is to run a check for vessels that would be destroyed by activating timewarp and alerting the player about it.
  13. @montyben101 I'm having problems seeing what exactly causes the bug you are experiencing. From what you have said it involves the robotic arms, grabbing a kerbal on eva and not being able to recover. It's not much to go on.
  14. I'm confused. The extended loading range of my plugin sure adds stress on the engine and it is to be expected, after all there is a good reason why the loading range was set the way it is within the game. It was never the goal of my plugin to destroy any crafts or kerbals automatically, but sure, careless use of it will in some cases bring havoc where you don't expext it.
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