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  1. Well, so much for that. Turns out it was an artefact left over when a game crashed. I went into the map mode, and could see that bogey identified as a 'Titan II' - which happened to be the ship I'd been flying just before the crash. It actually happened again in similar fashion, and I ended up with TWO bogeys! Started a new game overwriting the old, problem solved. For now, anyway.
  2. Please be aware of the need to follow PC guidelines when in KSP. The term 'little' is sizeist', the term 'green is colourist and the term 'men' is just plain sexist. Therefore, to refer to Kerbals as 'little green men' is definitely offensive on many levels. You should refer to them as 'Beings of non-specific size, colour and gender. Or not.' (Signed) The Right-On Woke Snowflake SJW
  3. I haven't been back on since I first posted, but will be later so I can look closer at the situation. To be clear, this other ship is NOT part of an AI-generated contract. It was just.....there, when next I went into orbit. At the moment, I still hold to the theory that it is an artefact somehow left behind when the game crashed before it's mission properly ended (or was saved). I will report back later.
  4. Hi. I was doing some test flying the other night, when I noticed something rather strange. I had just achieved orbit (a wonky one, but hey.....), when I noticed that there was not one orbital track but TWO. Stranger still, there was another ship on that track. The UFO's orbit was at an angle to mine, but also crossed the same launch point as mine. I recalled that, earlier, one of my launches had gone off in the wrong direction, though it still got into orbit. The game crashed shortly afterwards. Do you think it's possible to go up and rescue my lost kerbonaut? I might go and take a l
  5. Thanks for the help, guys - and I can also pass on the thanks of all the litlle Kerbals whose lives you have saved. The Grim Reaper will have to be patient...... Vanamonde, that's a pretty good design for a rocket to practice with. Once I have got a bit better I can try tweaking it, but this'll do just fine right now. Incidentally, I did come across a video by a YouTuber called GrunfWorks, which also proved quite useful. It's about 27 mins long, and goes through the whole process with a succession of rockets. His final ship was not dissimilar to yours, but his methodology was slightly dif
  6. Hi there. I'd been aware of KSP for a long time, but had never been moved to go as far as actually acquiring the game. Given that I've had a keen interest in all things space since Sputnik, it should have been a no-brainer. However, I tended to spend my gaming time slaughtering Romans (Total War), Orcs (Middle Earth) and anything else with a pulse (Skyrim). Anyway, I finally took the plunge and began my journey to the stars. Sadly, my guys have an unfortunate tendency to experience fiery death, and none have yet survived to reach orbit, never mind infinity and beyond. I've been hunting ou
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