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  1. I already have plenty of mods installed but noone can automate all the space center in order to automatically launch ship and control them to supplying bases. why would anyone want to do that. Because I don't want to do the launch myself like I explained before. I want to do other things than checking and doing the supply of the bases. I would like to have it automatically.
  2. It's just not graphical interface that is needed. If the devs don't let the mods access to some parts of the game, some things won't be possible like in Kerbal 1. Kerbal 2 need to have all accessed by a complete API to be able to mod all the commands in the mod. I have no problem to have it in a mod but devs have to do a job in order to have a complete mod not just a part like in Kerbal 1. In Kerbal 2 it will be easier to have multiple bases in multiple universe. Imagine if you have 10 bases in 10 different universes with life support, etc. How could you manage all the supplying, refueling, etc without any AI to do this for you ? I want to be able to code this in order to do others things in the game like exploring the all universe for exemple or creates new bases otherwhere.
  3. The problem is still that devs should do work in order to permit the access to all fonctionnalities, datas, etc from a mod. That was not the case in Kerbal 1, it was not possible to replace some parts. For exemple, script was only for ships on the 1 but here I would like a base could have its own AI to be totally automonous.
  4. Yes I know that all people cannot code but they can have visual scripting like with mission builders for newbees in code. If you think mission builders are too complex to use, your argument is not acceptable because it's already visual scripting. The thing is that a mod cannot have access to all the information from the game. Only an API from the dev could be really powerful. In kOS we can already see it.
  5. Yes but it could be better implemented directly by the devs than from a mod in order to have access to more things from the API. In a perfect universe, in Kerbal 2 we could automate the whole company (refueling/reoxygen/etc in statioport by automatic launch on Kerbin when needed, automate transport of kerbals from one planet to another, ...)
  6. Mission builder is not here to control your ships and have access to the in flight data and events. This is just to create missions. This is not what I need for Kerbal 2. I really want to automatize all my ships, stations, etc by events and retrieve all the data.
  7. Will Kerbal Space Program 2 have a scriptable language directly integrated at the launch ? I would like to have access to something similar to kOS in the new game at the launch.