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  1. Yeah. What you describe is what seem to remember how it worked before. This time I have tested the SEQ-3 container part (I'm almost sure that SEQ-6 is also stock, but better safe than sorry). I've removed the old SEQ-6 ones, and attached a single new SEQ-3 (just in case the symetry would be significant). I clicked on the science part (I've tested both "Control Station" and "Go-ob ED Monitor"). This time I noticed that as soon as I select the part, the container (or all suitable containers) highlight green at the same moment. Previously I was also opening their inventory windows,
  2. So, here goes the story: I'm on KSP with several (not that many) mods. A possibly relevant ones are KIS 1.26 and KAS 1.7 (both listed by CKAN as the most recent). My other mods are: AT Utils, Chatterer, Chatterer Extended, Community Category Kit, Community Resource pack, Easy Vessel Switch, Environmental Visual Enhancements (with its Stock Planet Config files), Final Frontier, Firespitter Core, Global Construction Core, KAC, Konstruction, kOS, Module Manager, ReCoupler, Surface Mounted Lights, TextureReplacer, TriggerAu Flags, USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies, USI Core
  3. Okay, I must give up. In my quite new career game, in KSP in VAB I don't see anything like it. Shift and Ctrl-clicking also didn't reveal anything. Maybe someone else will be able to help.
  4. It's not necroposting. Running Bob over is still valid today.
  5. How did you remove that part? I didn't even know that there is such option.
  6. In whatever way you explain the "Kerman" name or title, don't forget about Wernher von Kerman!
  7. Nay, ladders are way to advanced concept at my current technology level. I am able to launch 3 Kerbals into orbit, but building a ladder is yet far beyond the capabilities of my engineers.
  8. The most recent annoyance (and quite a strong one) is that when I have a scientist on EVA, I'm just is about to click "Log temperature" (or similar), but in the meantime Bob drifts away, so that the option disappears, and the next one - "Disassemble part" replaces it, but my brain already sent the "press" command to my fingers... You know what happens, right? This is not strictly the fault of KSP, because that dangerous option is being added by some mod (I don't exactly remember which one - one from Umbra, most probably. A very good one.) However, something could be done with the use
  9. Great! Now, guys: would some of you, who hasn't voted yet, add KOS to your vote? I already have voted before, and there seems to be no option to edit my answer. It's a terrifying thought, that this wonderful mod would have one point less, just because I was too lazy to create a new account and fix the situation.
  10. You seem to have KOS missing - for me it's the second (after KAC) most important mod. As for the need to select one answer from each group, maybe you could add to each group an option: "none from this group"?
  11. I'm playing almost exclusively career, seemingly sharing a lot of good reasons given by @Bingleberry. I like the challenges of getting into orbit, or to the moons, with the most basic components. I like the challenges of building a cost-effective rockets, so that the problem-solving rule "MOAR BOOSTERS!" is not always applicable, because of money shortage. Sometimes it's even: "Hmm.. Shall I add this one more strut, or will it fly without it?" By the way, the career can unwittingly create some very interesting challenges. For example: "Gene, we already have about ten useless satellit
  12. Woho! That's something! I'm designing a Minmus lander right now. None of my Kerbals have been there yet. And welcome here, Stosh!
  13. Oops... Then my struts won't help much. But I see the centre of mass being quite low. Maybe if something heavy would go higher, then it would help? Sorry for the noise.
  14. Short version: MOAR STRUTS !!! Long version: You have high towers made of small fuel tanks. They tend to be very wobbly indeed. You might try swapping some of the small FL-T200 tanks to some large FL-T800. You may add some struts. For example lead them from the tops of the side boosters to the main booster column. This might help. I also suspect that with these struts you may no longer need so many reaction wheels.
  15. As much as I understood from the Wiki (https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/USI-LS/wiki/Recycler-Math) it is almost right. The most powerful recycler determines the maximum percentage (for example, 79%), and covers as many Kerbals as it can. Additional weaker recyclers cover more Kerbals at their own capacity (for example 50%). Once you have covered all the Kerbals, then adding even more recyclers (even the weakest ones) keep increasing the recycling ratio up to the ratio of the most powerful recycler. By adding more weaker recyclers, you will at some point achieve the maximum rat
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