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  1. I build strange contraptions that more often than not kills the kerbals. Don't worry though, they're the kerbals that aren't the main 4
  2. I STill DoNT KNOw whAT DrES is i KNOW "BorinG PEbblE" NoT "DrES"
  3. With the new texture revamp for jool, is there any way to get the new jool without the sci-fi one?
  4. @DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACEoH yOu meaN That BORiNG ROCC??????//?/?!?!//2
  5. Eeloo be looking good! say goodbye to framerate though
  6. I hear Danny2462 calling in the distance...
  7. @Tonka Crash That fixed all of the fairings, except the 2.5m ones
  8. Sadly, I can't use this with 1.10 it makes fairings broken. I guess that gives me more excitement for the next restock update!
  9. And probably the only kerbals on kerbin
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