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  1. My latest confession is that I haven't actually played the game in months
  2. My confession being that I've been playing since 1.3.1 and I've never gone to Eve yet... sad days anyways what all KSP confessions do you want to get off your back?
  3. I started construction on a Munar Space Station, but I really had no choice since I only accepted the contract because I needed money desperately.
  4. So I've noticed that the bonny cockpit is almost impossible to use. Something about it's aerodynamics cause the plane to turn left and crash itself. Does anyone know how to fix this or should I just find another mod like Airplane Plus?
  5. I'm pretty sure the original KSP was going to have a sort of "story mode", but they got rid of it. That's why there's an SSTV signal still in the game.
  6. I build strange contraptions that more often than not kills the kerbals. Don't worry though, they're the kerbals that aren't the main 4
  7. I STill DoNT KNOw whAT DrES is i KNOW "BorinG PEbblE" NoT "DrES"
  8. With the new texture revamp for jool, is there any way to get the new jool without the sci-fi one?
  9. @DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACEoH yOu meaN That BORiNG ROCC??????//?/?!?!//2
  10. Eeloo be looking good! say goodbye to framerate though
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