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  1. I have finally introduced a kind of EngineIgnitor support. EI is made to keep hands away from ignitions number management. It is not a perfect solution, some EI features are canceled. But I have plans for a better implementation of maintaining the engines during the missions. Let it be so "for a while", it won't be left in such a state forever. At least I hooe so.
  2. On the one hand, EI has a deeper ignition management. On the other one, P2P has random ignition failures. I'd like them work at the same time in a proper way. .... And it seems I know the solution. I'm going to add a special treatment for "ignition using" engines in case EI is present with help of a small MM patch. It will let EI work in the usual way. Now it is time for my apologies. It looks like there was no need in asking for your help
  3. Now I'd like to introduce an integration with Engine Ignitor. I have found out that @linuxgurugamer is the maintainer of Engine Ignitor. The mods have "a bit of interference" thus I'm asking him for some advice. The main question is "How should things work in an installation with both EI and P2P?".
  4. I could not make any sense of the stuff in Staging.cs. Calling SortIcons.Invoke(stageManager, new object[] { true, part, false }); (repaced SortIcons and stageManager with what they represent) twice does not work. The next one causes NRE. stageManager.HoldIcon(part.stackIcon.StageIcon); I have not tried pasting the whole file. I don't wish this turn itno traversing through the whole vessel.
  5. I have encountered a small QoL issue connected with KCT recovery. The mod disables staging for a failed engine in order to prevent an exploit restarting it via staging. This also removes the engine's indicator from staging sequence (for me it is a side effect). Repairing the engine reenables staging, but its icon does not appear in the staging sequence until you reload the editor scene or rollout and launch. Any ideas how to fix it?
  6. Pay to Play (or get ready for the consequences) Download from Github or via CKAN Tested on KSP 1.8.1 and 1.9.0 Dependency - Module Manager Recommendation - KCT Compatible with: Kerbalism (kerbalism's engine reliability is removed) Procedural Parts (SRBs) EngineIgnitor (ignitions number is handled by P2P) Licence - MIT What is this? This is a brand new mod to make you pay for reusing vehicles above just refueling them. Had a ride on your "Falcon" or SSTO? - Pay for the maintenance or the next flight will likely have a bad outcome. The changing cost of the engines also causes maintenance take time in case of using KCT - what a nice interaction. The gameplay 1. Add an engine provided with an EngineDecay MODULE to your craft 2. Choose rated burn duration and number of ignitions (if the engine needs them) 3. Start the flight 4. Your engines stop working if they fail or run out of ignitions. There is a 1% chance that the engine fails before it has been burnt for the "rated time". For more detail see a .docx in GameData/PayToPlay folder 5. Recover the craft. If you do not have KCT/use normal recovery, you get less recovery funds for the time the engines have been running 6. KCT recovery only! Press "maintenance" button while editing the craft to have your engine repaired (changing ignitions number or rated duration will make the engine repaired too) Features Engines fail if they run for too long Engines have limited ignitions (Engine Ignitior integration is to be done) "Rated burn time" and number of ignitions can be configured while editing a vessel These tweaks increase engine's cost and mass Ignitions have a 0.05% chance to be wasted and a 0.05% chance to cause a failure 5% of failures cause engine destruction Recovered engines improve "reliability", reducing early failure chance It makes sense to have 4-6 burn tests before using a recently developed engine Some sort of engine stats configuration Yet a bit of words The mod is extremelly new (started on Apr 20, 2020). Get ready to report bugs and suggest features. Only stock (non-DLC) engines and procedural SRBs (Procedural Parts) are provided with configs. Use your brain and hands to write copypaste the configs for all the other engines. Examples can be found in GameData/PayToPlay/Support/Stock. A lot of thanks to kerbalism's contributors as their open source has been the documentation for me! Mod logo by @Avira Changelog v1.2.3 Added: Applied a fix for .version Added a .pdf copy of "thoughts" v1.2.2 Added: Modulekiller for Kerbalism support is disabled (renamed the file) as Kerbalism 3.8+ does all the stuff we need. Rename it into .cfg to use with Kerbalism 3.7- v1.2.1 Added: EngineIgnitor support patch removing its ignition limits Symmetry Maintenance button (runs maintenance for the whole "symmetry group") v1.2.0 Added: Support for procedural SRBs (Procedural Parts) Settings when starting a new game v1.1.0 Added: Special behavior for engines with no failures while burning. See wiki or configs Subtracting resources cost (for engines with resources) It means SRBs have a proper support, I have added configs for them (no reliability progress though) v1.0.0 Added: New failure time generation Reliability progress Random failures on ignitions and ignition failures Random engine explosions on failures Fixed: Failed engine was restartable via staging
  7. Hi there! A readme at the main page (on github) has a paragraph: It makes me think there is a way of merging craft from storage, especially the sentence I've marked in bold. I have done a few attempts to get what exactly these instrucions tell me to do, but with no success. Can anyone give me a full step-by-step guide with pictures?