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  1. Hi, nice to see things being fixed. Quick check has shown I could only autoboard while the ladder is grabbed. You should really release it. But still I suggest you making separate modes for boarding seats&lhatches and ladders. This is not critical though as ladder boarding range is very limited and accidential ladder-boardings now are only possible when moving on a ladder patched to be seatable.
  2. The issue is gone. But now we have 2 more. 1) It boards a ladder from a distance relevant for stock EAS seat while LadderWarp lets you press the boarding button only being really close to the part center (float unfocusedRange in KSPEventAttribute) 2) Could you make a separate searchlist for LadderSeat modules and set different keys to toggle will to board hatces&seats/ladders?
  3. We know that pressing the seat/ladder's board button manually does the business. May be, KerbalEva.BoardSeat is designed to be called from an invoked Seat.BoardSeat thus it does not work on its own but has to be public.
  4. You can. You can use reflection to know class name as a string. KerbalSeat - stock module, LadderSeat - a module from LadderWarp. LadderSeat inherits KerbalSeat, thus it should work fine, at least via invoking a button from PartInstance.Events.
  5. The first workaround I have tested is adding a check for typename to be KerbalSeat so LadderSeats are fully ignored. If we want to keep autoboarding ladders, we need a lot of investigation then. TBH, a button to board ladder without opening a PAW would be really nice, if it was separate from the one for boarding seats and hatches. I can't even tell what is wrong here. Have you tried using Invoke method for a PAW button (PartInstance.Events["BoardingButtonStringID"].Invoke())? Upd: I guess you must have the needed Kerbal being the active vessel when invoking.
  6. Sounds weird. A have quickly made an F5-F9 maneuver after boarding a ladder (boarding causes an NRE and clicking "leave seat" too). I have checked EB code, hintbox of one of the custom methods called for seat boarding says "This is temporary method and will be removed ASAP" (intention.cs, line 114). I'm pinging @Dizor now, I hope he is the one who can tell what happens what is going on when a kerbal is seated in a KerbalSeat module. And there is a question I'd like to have an answer for. Should kerbals be auto-seated in ladders? May be we don't need to fix the current issue, just making E
  7. First investigation: it is a bug of EB boarding an LW ladder. Reloading scene helps.
  8. So has EasyBoard executed boarding? Any issues with "manual" boarding (via PAW of a seat/ladder you approach)? I'll try it with EB and see if it causes the problem. Have you tried reloading scene? I guess it should help you before I release a fix. But... LW is about making ladder to work as an EVA seat. Does this stuff apply to them? Gonna see it anyway. Thanks.
  9. 1) The idea is to keep comms for science as is. 2) Plasma and celestial blackouts won't be covered.
  10. I guess my PC will be a nice cooker when I install it with RSS integration.
  11. I have noticed some more bugs. Hopefully they are fixed now in v1.5.4.5 ## Fixed: - Replacment happenning on KCT re-rollout when it shoild not occur. - Wrong strings in flameout reason.
  12. I have tried out scrap yard at some point. And I could not get anything. The idea of inventory is not conflicting with the idea of paid maintenance. We just need to make sure that engines we take from SY inventory don't have their P2P module turning it into a new one. If it does, then SY needs to use the "isKCTBuilt" flag to prevent it, like KCT does. I have never played Oh Scrap, just heard few words about it and just checked the thread you linked. As it is a reliability mod, OS and P2P part modules should not be VERY compatible. But still, at this piont P2P only operates engines and can
  13. A yet another minor feature and balance patch - is out. ## Added: - subjectToProgress flag to configs, setting it to false turns reliability progress off for parts, removing need to test them. - Set the new sTP = false for nuclear, ion and SRBs. - Tweaked reduced maintenance and ignition restore costs by 5 times. ## Note: - For engines with no ignition limits "replace: 0" button appears for newly added parts. Not fixed yet, no problems detected too.
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