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  1. Due to how terrain height is defined is ksp, most of the mars's terrain is not close to sea level, but close to 10km ,which means the atm pressure is really lower than it should be in irl. Either due to hight altitude or low pressure, chutes will never deploy at most places. You will need to land at few certain places where the terrain goes sufficiently low, I recomand landing in a giant eliptical impact basin on the southern hemisphere, it's sufficiently low that chutes can fully deploy and lsow down your vehicle to a very low speeds. Sadly, this does mean that you will only have a very limi
  2. The issue seems to be this: key = 20833 3.35159E-02 -8.77457E-06 -8.77457E-06 key = 11917 1.49880E-02 -4.10334E-06 -4.10334E-06 key = 25000 6.50271E-03 -1.84089E-06 -1.84089E-06 changing 11917 to 22917 seems to result in a smooth looking curve.
  3. Anyone observed proxima centauri b having an odd presure profile between 12000 and 12500m? the pressure quicly decays then goes back again.
  4. for the particluar setup, l/d starts with 100 ish at transonic, 600 ish at M5 and 400 ish above M25. The limiting factor is really the sonic barrier, right after ion ignition.
  5. rtg heating can only become a problem if you are careless about timewarping and encounter a bug that locks the rtg core temp to some very high value.
  6. I used a mod called kerbal wind tunnel (correct CoL, also a aero analyser mod, should work as well), which displays lift to drag ratios of your crafts in the vab or sph at different simulated mach number and aoas. I distinguish magic wings as parts that have a better supersonic/hypersonic lift to drag ratios than conventional wings at certain aoas, which I remember is 3.15 @M1.15( the "real" sound barrier in ksp), [email protected], and [email protected](>=M25). There is no systemetic way so far I found that can be used to distinguish magic wings from other parts, since they have different mechanism of w
  7. I think the record holder is stratzenblitz75, he got to speed of light within one physics frame, that's a lot of height travelled in 30s.
  8. For those constructing ssto spaceplanes, especially for larger planets like RSS Earth, the biggest problem with FAR is the hypersonic L/D ration. Apparently FAR lacks proper compression lift modelling, as a result, hypersonic lift to drag ratio is very small, compared to stock aero, or real life(at more ideal, better opptimised circumstances), even if you use extreme amount of part clipping to get most of your body drag away. This forces you to use higher twr propulsion methods, such as chemical rockets, intead of low thrust high isp propulsion methods such as lvn for the closed cycle phase of
  9. After few days of test, it turned out that this craft can be a Saturn sea level ssto, with about 7km/s of margin.
  10. This cound because of that asteroids in RSS are huge, some are 1-4km across, and so they might not load until you are actully inside then, also, if you cheat into their vecinity, the distance is almost guaranteed to fall under their surface, even if it's a smaller one.
  11. In 1.8, if you are just having RSS, then runway should be mostly fine. I found that KSC switcher will mess up the runways quite a bit. Though seriously, I don't quite use the default runway to takeoff, since it's just stupidly short, I either use the grass nex to the runway, or use kerbal contruct re scaled runway. I do need to push twr quite a bit lower in RSS than in stock, I have gone with 66t/rapier once for reducing dry mass. If you do use the grass, make sure to set wheel friction to 0, and use rudder and gimbal to stabilise the craft instead, since the grass in RSS is not perfectly smoo
  12. Should be doable with a sub-4t craft using dlc propellers and ion engines. Someone has tested successfully his 3.6t single stage to eve and back unrefueld vehiclle, getting rid some of the xenon gas and rtg for just kerbin ascend twice might push the mass below 3t.
  13. Next, I will test if this same craft can ssto from Saturn (just to LSO). Note that the RSS gas giants are technically landable, unlike jool.
  14. For gear planes, I speculate and ideal vehicle will be a craft with gear wings and also conventional wings placed inside a utility bay. You takeoff with conventional wings mostly(bay open) then once reaching suffficent speed, you shut down the cargo bay, so only the magic wings are producing l and d. You also don't want too much magic wing per mass( but a lot of magic wing per body drag, so you 'll need a heavily clipped vehicle), so you can get very close to rapier top speed at sea level. The fuel consumption rate will be abou the same as fying high, but because you have a high speed of sound
  15. I guess the solution will be supercruise with a rapier+ magic wing vehicle, the super high l/d ratio at rapier top speed means you will need only very small amount of fuel to maintain leveled flight. I speculate that most of the flight can even be done unpowered.
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