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  1. Can one change the ballance between high caliber rounds and low caliber rounds? Like making the 20mm stuff better and the howitzer a bit worse. I have many parts and weapon mods, is there a global slider? And would this work for old weapon mod parts for bdarmory?
  2. @Xd the great Thanks, that explains my results and findings
  3. what does "benchmark" mean? And wich version of bdarmory is better for groundstriking: Runway/1.9.1?
  4. How does one change the chance to ignite the other aircraft, like, how do you change the possibility of them burning when you shoot them? And how does fire work in Bdarmory? And how do you translate blastpower into tntmass? (old bdarmory unit for explosiveness into the new one) AND what is better for 1.10: Bdarmory 1.9.1 or Runway version?
  5. KerbalEngineer Community Category kit Filter Extensions Janitors closet Editor extensions Hangar Extender KerbalX MouseAimFlight Memgraph S.A.V.E. Patchmanager Tweakscale I have to say these are more than are good, but after some time you can't live without some mods
  6. How do you get the dev branch-FAR? I have the same issue, now it got even weirder; when i leave to space hangar after i have moved the carrier into open sea and reenter it from the space center it works short but then starts spinning violently; could it be because it is a one part carrier and the rudders work wrong? https://mega.nz/file/W1wi2KoZ#O8N5TLD_U_wxDqpVozSaMyzpmGf3EWllxsTXq7Yp2hE
  7. Is there any other fix for the already mentioned boat issue of locking in space? I'd love to help!
  8. My aircraft carrier doesn't want to move when moved into the water by vessel mover, but i don't know if it is the carrier or vesselmover Aircraftcarrier: Nimitz Edit: no fault of Vesselmover it must be FAR
  9. How do you get the ships to float, I just tried docens of times and I just managed to float one boat the second one just doesn't want to... Or this happens: (The ship floats very low and doesn't want to move) https://mega.nz/file/ip4SWajQ#E0_9AR8PudZbJf5-hpV01gJSR3OWqM3G7FwjD2anILQ Edit: not the fault of this mod, FAR was causing it, but the aircraft carrier-models seem to be faulty: all my planes bug into or below the ship when trying to drive into the belly, exactly when they're driving over the down-moving door
  10. Me again, what would you have to do to update this mod to the newest version and how do torpedos work? And does anybody know who to ask regarding missiles of Bdarmory in general? (Who's the mastermind behind them?)
  11. Yeah, but doesn't the multiplier also make heavy cannons more effective, or is it a balance factor just applied to small weaponry, or does the multiplier change the floatcurve or smth? And does anybody know how you would have to set configs for a hvar, specifically the one of NAS?
  12. How can you make low caliber guns mroe effective? I don't like shooting something with the 50. cal for half an hour until it is destroyed... (I know destroying buildings is supposed to be hard with 50. cal, but shooting a plane in front of you shouldn't take that much ammo and time)
  13. Regarding the loading crash: I hope theres a update soon, for now the only fix seems to be deleting the hud5 directory in "props"
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