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  1. Update: What I am trying to achieve is to modify all INPUT_RESOURCES except for ElectricCharge and Machinery to be increased by factor 173. I have succeeded in doing this for either all input-resources or only a single input_resource as shown above by " @INPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Ore]],* ". I am struggling to combine a list of resources into the above patch. I would appreciate any assistance.
  2. Hmmm, so in testing what you suggested Module Manager ConfigCache shows no change to MKS_Procesor250. There is no change reflected in the VAB part details either. The patch I used was the following: If I use " !MODULE[USI?ConverterSwapOption],* {}" It successfully deletes the modules as expected, but the catch is then having to manually redefine ALL the MKS converter part modules individually. Is there perhaps an elegant / streamlined manner in which to do this?
  3. Thanks zer0Kerbal, I'll give it a test shortly. Would it be possible to exclude resources as below but still changing every instance of the INPUT_RESOURCE not excluded by using the following: @INPUT_RESOURCE[* , !Exclusion1, !Exclusion2, !Exclusion3, ...etc] , * { stuff.. }
  4. I am trying to modify USI MKS conversion rates to balance with stock converters. The USI Module I am trying to change is "USI_ConverterSwapOption" Would one of you Guru's care to point me in the right direction? I am not achieving any effect with the following plugin: @PART[MKS_Processor250]:FINAL { @MODULE[USI_ConverterSwapOption],* { @INPUT_RESOURCE[MetallicOre,Uraninite,Substrate,Minerals,Karbonite,Commodities,MaterialKits,Metals,Polymers,Supplies,Ore,Machinery,Recyclables,SpecializedParts,Fertilizer,Hydrates,Gypsum,Dirt,Silicates,Silicon,RefinedExotics,ColonySupplies,Organics,Rock,Karborundum,XenonGas,ArgonGas,LiquidFuel,Oxidizer,Water,Chemicals,Mulch,LqdHydrogen,LiquidFuel,MonoPropellant],* { @Ratio *= 173 } @OUTPUT_RESOURCE[MetallicOre,Uraninite,Substrate,Minerals,Karbonite,Commodities,MaterialKits,Metals,Polymers,Supplies,Ore,Machinery,Recyclables,SpecializedParts,Fertilizer,Hydrates,Gypsum,Dirt,Silicates,Silicon,RefinedExotics,ColonySupplies,Organics,Rock,Karborundum,XenonGas,ArgonGas,LiquidFuel,Oxidizer,Water,Chemicals,Mulch,LqdHydrogen,LiquidFuel,MonoPropellant],* { @Ratio *= 173 } } } The config I am trying to modify is as follows: Update: I have tried modifying the patch by replacing the "_" by a "?" wildcard since it was pointed out that KSP does not recognise the underscore. New patch below: The change is however not reflected in MM ConfigCache. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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