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  1. Hello there. So uhh, suppose this goes here. I've actually been playing KSP since 2014, well, version 0.24 to be exact, so I'm a veteran in a sense. However, I've been kinda on and off with the forum. So yeah, welcome back me if anything. Hope this stay will be permanent though.
  2. I'm sure a ton of people already asked this, but can any of you guys give me a list of a few add-ons that can enhance, yet not completely overhaul Career Mode. Can you pin-point me some mods that don't necessarily add new parts to the game, because i still want to keep it vanilla, but i can make exceptions. I know some of you may argue that stock KSP has been boring for a while now, but hey, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to play KSP, eh?
  3. Candlelight


    Hi! Although this tehnically isn't an introduction, since i just wanted to notify all that i moved my account from the old one: @n00blet21, to this one. But hey! Third times the charm, right?
  4. As things are right now, i see no such thing as "all-stock elitism", and as it is now, it doesn't bother most of the community.If said "all-stock elitists" started bragging about their new accomplishments, it would be kinda tolerable.But, if they started impairing or cyberbullying people who use mods, then we would have a problem.Otherwise, "all-stock elitism", in my opinion, is not a thing. Then again, this a forum, for crying out loud! Reputation points, while yes, are satisfying to gather, it's only virtual and has no real value. By the way, the video @dangerhamster posted above,
  5. Took a bit of time myself, and i do have to agree, @5thHorseman and @LN400 were right... @LordFerret that's the first thing that came to my mind when first seeing the question...I wouldn't really get that mad over soup to the point that i have to interrogate people, that's just not me lol... I think @stibbons short summary is also cool... But my biggest props goes to @kerbiloid.Your detective-like, extensive analysis really amazes me, you sir either have a great mind or i'm just asleep half the time...
  6. Hi! I'm getting a new PC next Friday.I assembled my final list of parts.Note that where i live, some parts either aren't available or are overly expensive. Ultimately, i want your opinion on this build and what should be switched out.With that being said, here is my list of parts: CPU: Core i3-6100 - 140$ - Reasoning: I heard this is decent BFTB processor, and looked at reviews.Apparently it packs a decent punch for the price, so why not? Motherboard: ASRock H110M-DGS - 58$ - Reasoning: This is literally the only motherboard that won't get me over budget (4000HRK), so yeah, not
  7. I was searching around and i found this logical question worded in a silly way...however, it's kinda hard (at least for me, don't have an answer yet) to solve, so i wonder what your answers will be? Anyways, it goes a little something like this: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Someone ate my cabbage soup (sounds a bit silly, but stick with me here). There are four suspects: Steve, James, Dave & Tyler. Each suspect can say two statements about the "crime", a true one and a fals
  8. Ok, what do i want for 1.3? Well, pretty much most of the stuff you guys just said, but mostly: Stock part overhaul Life support Integration of KIS Multiplayer Semi-integration of EVE or SVE (want to keep that cartoony feel)
  9. I think Scott Manley did this a while back and landed od Duna and returned with one orange tank, but since KSP has changed a lot since then, i thinks it's become a lot harder.
  10. Cool cool... I'm thinking Universe Sandbox type of collisions.Both games are made in Unity, so it's entirely possible.
  11. So, i was flying a rocket and noticed that the atmosphere gradient (or the atmosphere itself isn't appearing, it's just pitch plack.Also from map view, Kerbin is covered by pink. I followed and double checked if installed it correctly.Here is the log and screenshots: https://mega.nz/#!woNQwYSD!vNTXIThPemBoGZAK2R_CS9o08ub_C9VYvdnM2cXZP8I
  12. Uhm...sorry to drop in guys if this doesn't fit in this thread but, could anyone check out my first story I posted? I will gladly take criticism and answer any questions went my way.Thanks.Sorry... Please discuss the story on it's own thread...
  13. True, but that name was from a challenge I posted when I first logged into this forum in 2014. Oh, and just the thought of new exciting settlements on Kerbin just keeps fueling my brain with ideas of geographical mods like KerbinCity.
  14. I've personally called it Mount Keverest, but i can take that name. And one thing, i see no darn Kadagascar! Maybe the islands off the coast could be an analog?
  15. BEFORE READING: Please note that my grammar isn't the best, coming from a European, non-English speaking country.This story isn't meant to be realistic in any way, it's speculative fiction! Oh and sorry if the story is too cliché, it is my first writing and i've put effort into it. Quote from Wikipedia: Last thing about the word count: it may be more or less, because the word count in MS Word and some onlines ones showed different results. With that being said, here is my boring ol' story: __________________________________________________________________________________
  16. My changes? Since my coding skills and knowledge is as good as a Mexicans ability to speak Mandarin, i will try my best to make this authentic-looking. I would personally remove space junk: _____________________________________________________ karline = 100km if debris >karline and size >1cm but <10cm then goto destroy destroy debris / 0 _____________________________________________________ Then make Artifexian head of a new worldbuilding alliance: _____________________________________________________ select ytber Artifexian goto
  17. Not only will you get them ready, you will MELT them... Not even traveling at twice the speed of light at 100k time warp won't save you...
  18. More to come friend, more to come, this is just a teaser...
  19. Then it'll be just a regular star i guess...some of this info is simply trivial and optional
  20. Hmmm................................................yup. Didn't think this through, did i?
  21. Boy, did i work my a** off, 1 hour of brainhurt to be exact... https://www.dropbox.com/s/notawm436npbrxc/dokument.rtf?dl=0 Did it scare you? Regardless of your answer, this isn't even a fraction of it... Believe me when i tell you, something is coming... *anticipation builds*
  22. 2/10 have only seen you anywhere except this post, sorry...
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