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  1. I tend to put my fuel stations sub-100km for quick and easy refuelling and my commercial station above 600km, just works really.
  2. I know, that is kind of the disadvantage of buying older used cards...
  3. Woah dude, the 200 series! Altough it's like 7-8 years old by now, the higher end of the 200s still performs decently, like on a 750 Ti level.
  4. Well, KSP is mostly CPU-dependant, not so much GPU, and really likes that one core, so opting for Intel CPUs is probably the best. However, you will most likely only see the difference on the GPU side if you install a bunch of visual enchancement mods.Moving from the 750 Ti to the 970 is a huge leap, so you will most probably see a huge difference in performance with visual mods, if you have some installed that is.Otherwise, there will be some improvement in performance, but not by that much. However, the value of the 970 is decreasing drastically, so opting for something like AMDs R
  5. Being a simpleton as always.Just launched KerbSAT-1 and a small repair/maintenance orbiter shortly afterwards with Jeb in it.Forgot to add solar panels to the orbiter, now Jeb is hanging out with the probe waiting for rescue, spending his time talking to the probe. BTW, the probe kind of looked like Juno, which urged me to spin it up, which i did in this pic.
  6. Farewell, Ted.Best of luck to you and your future endeavours. The massive leaving of SQUADs greatest minds and faces just makes me sad.
  7. Sad to see you go! Thanks for making a simply outstanding game and making a curious teenager happy...
  8. Huh...seeing where this is going, I guess this should be turned into a lame joke megathread....unless one exists of course.
  9. What is Jeb's favorite anime? Cowboy BeBOB... or maybe SAILOR MUN.. *insert cricket chirping or emotionless laugh here*
  10. Is an i5-4460/R9 380 sweetspot rig still worth it? The entire PC costs only $500 american in my country.
  11. I know this is going to be really weird...but i listen to WWE themes, especially The Miz' theme.It's not that i like WWE or wrestling in general, i just like their entrance songs.
  12. Necroposting možda? Pozdrav iz predivne Pule!
  13. I know right.I'm not the best when it comes to fiddling with stock parts, but it's still fun. EDIT:Whoops! Accidental double quote.
  14. *GERMAN SHIP INTENSIFIES* Also, nice ship.I have an addiction to ships.This one destroyed my laptop.Thanks .
  15. Just install Kopernicus first, and then the mod itself.
  17. Dear CaptRobau, Much respect yet again for making such an outstanding planet pack (literally, my laptop struggles everytime i load up OPM). But i was wondering: How do you make those absolutely beautiful colour and height maps for your planets and moons? Is it SE or just pure artistic skills?
  18. Removed because Sigma88 already made the exact mod i had envisioned.
  19. Wait, how much parts did Turbo Pumped use for his Minmus shuttle? Ok, just checked: 25. Oh, and a message to the OP: Could you maybe post an album or video to certify you completed this challenge yourself?
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