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  1. Thanks! EDIT: BTW, if the thrusters make the rear of the sub explode, feel free to move them around a bit with the offset tool.
  2. Looks interesting.I'm busy today, so i will see if i can do it tomorrow.
  3. Sorry for late reply.And i'm sorry to hear that .I bet she was a great pooch.Can't wait to see your memorial.I know how it feels, i had 2 hamsters. From what i can see, i guess this craft uses mods? That cockpit is unfamiliar.Please check the first page to see if your mods are on the 'allowed' list.
  4. Hey guys and gals! This is where i dump my crafts and ships when i feel like it.This is in no way organised, so expect this to be a mess of a thread in the future.The mod you will most probably see in use is TweakScale (TweakScale is love, TweakScale is life), and maybe even more in the future.So, feel free to look around! Thanks in general! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kerbin Hydrosphere Explorer Mk.1 A small sub for "everywhere and anytime" use.Fits perfectly into a CRG-50 Mk3 Cargo Bay for easy tra
  5. This is deep, man.I'm glad the nurse said he was suddenly rapidly recovering.Maybe when he is older he'll start playing KSP by himself and just maybe, we will find him right here on the forum.It's always the small things(and big) in life that count.
  6. It's still running, well sort of.Did a little bit of refurbishment not too long ago(a few weeks maybe).Anyone is still allowed to enter.
  7. The parts you see other people use are still stock/vanilla parts.They are just further up the tech tree.You will have to get further then you are now to build a proper SSTO. And as for building them, follow the guide posted above (ignore the nosecones creating drag part).
  8. Don't worry, i won't be suing anybody anytime soon . I was just saying that from personal experience.
  9. Pro tip: Please don't post threads if you got no images to show.Or more simply said: "No pics, no clicks".
  10. Wow, that is a really nice system. Would something like AMD Dual Graphics do good in KSP? Sorry i didn't mention it, but my budget is $550.
  11. Question: I'm looking to get a brand new PC by the end of this year, or hopefully, by mid-late June 2016. Can anyone tell me what would be the optimal budget KSP PC build? I'm not much of a gamer.The most stress i will be putting on the PC is probably KSP, but i want it to be ready for more intensive games like BF4 or GTA V, or even some editing programs (Photoshop, Sony Vegas) etc...I work on a 720p monitor (1366x768 w/ 60Hz refresh rate specifically, you can laugh now), and i'm looking to play all those games at 720p @ 60fps.So yeah, all answers welcome.Thanks!
  12. Aw damn, 1.0.5 and 1.1 are becoming reality.I hope i will get a new PC rig by New Year's Eve, then stuff will go down. HYPE INITIATE!!!
  13. God, i'm running out of ideas as to what to post on this forum.So, i've decided to come here, and fall back to my plan B: my love for PCs! Tech geeks and PC masters alike, gather around, i need ya' right now. I've been thinking of getting a budget 1080p gaming PC.No, this is not gonna be somekind of multi-thousand dollar 4K killer, 4 Titan Xs, a 5960X blah, blah, blah. I have very limited amount of money on my side.And so i looked around the net, and saw this particular part list.It fit my budget surprisingly well, and i did some research on all of the individual parts.So, it should be ok for
  14. Let me guess: a Core i7-4790K, a Core i7-6700K, FX-8350 or an FX-8370?
  15. Yeah, like EdusacconBR said: Just move the contents of the. zip folder into the GameData folder in your KSP folder. If you recieve a .zip file with another GameData folder in it, open that folder too and move it's content to GameData in your KSP folder.
  16. My rear end is shaking right now... There is nothing and nobody behind me, i'll just calm down. I am now on lookout for anykind of bug, even the simplest ones. EDIT: Pfft, and i thought the Haunted Gaming series by SomeOrdinaryGames was freaky...
  17. carneyvich, i know that feel.The first time i started KSP, i got a really weird orbit that was something like 55km x 340km.Don't know how i did it, but i've done it and i was happy! I wish the best of luck to you and your journies across space! - Radon86
  18. Nice! I am so dumb i would never be able to even think of doing this.
  19. I'm back! Also, very nice.I would like to see a visual pack with shaders and textures like that.Astronomer, get to it!
  20. This is a must have for me! Downloading now!
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