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  1. A big re-entry accident about a week ago... I promised myself it will never happen again. Good thing we have Jeb's female counterpart, Valentina.
  2. Nope, not even the almighty Space Kraken can't save us.Wait...no kraken means...NO BUGS! Everybody! This mod is our only hope! Install it now so we can fend off the Kraken ourselves!
  3. Oh, i praise to the heavens. Scott, if you see this monstrocity(or maybe review it in a video), please forgive this semi-innocent being for making them.
  4. Hey, Elowiny! Haven't seen you in a while! You might remember me as markothefan1. Anyways, i'm working on a science def for your planet pack.I will be done with it today.Can you use it?
  5. Hey Fengist, great mod! I'm into boats like Gremlins after midnight. What i would really like for this mod to have is procedural parts. I want to adjust the width, height, length of the hull etc. just like Procedural Fairings does with the fairing bases. Do you think you can implement that? Thanks in general! -Radon86
  6. If i may correct: the planet of the Kerbals is named Kerbin, not Kerbal. And two suggestions: 1. Add a leaderboard 2. Let people have the freedom to build their own crafts.
  7. Look, Kaboom! I have two simple solutions: a) We make exceptions for Pluto. We simplify our definition of a planet. I rest my case.
  8. So true! I gave up my morning basis for this! WOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. We passed it........... WOOOOOOT​!
  10. Well, it may be crap.But, there is nothing wrong about being excited or having fun, especially when history is being made right now. And yes is experienced hype trains, multiple times.
  11. You are never too late, since your name is Pluto100! ;D - - - Updated - - - And there goes Charon! - - - Updated - - - Looks like someone is trying to block all the fun.
  12. Three and a half hours left............ OHMYGODTHEIMMENSEHYPEIDONTEVEN!!!
  13. 14 hours left What are you waiting for?! HYPE!
  14. Well, speaking of New Horizons, yesterday i made this. It is a tribute/commemoration to New Horizons' Pluto flyby. Go check it out if you want to.
  15. Outstanding! This will totally work out. Thanks man! EDIT: I have set it up as my desktop wallpaper.It looks awesome! Thanks.
  16. Hey, hellblazer! If you have spare time, i would like you to spruce up this pic for me. It is a pic of my probe flying by Eeloo and this made for an awesome screenshot. My ideas: Make Eeloo and my probe a bit brighter, make the Sun look cooler with sharper sunrays and like this.
  17. My "Old Horizons" probe doing a majestic flyby of Eeloo. Visit my mission page for more.
  18. So, New Horizons is due to arrive in 3 days, woohoo! To comemorate that moment, i created this: Old Horizons - a probe set to discover the origins of the Kerbol System. Sit back, take some snacks and enjoy the pic heavy album of the complete mission.You can go here to see this album in larger resolution. Enjoy! Total mission time: 9y and 133d From launch to the end of the mission. NOTE: My probe uses one RTG instead of New Horizons, which uses two. Mods used: - Transfer Window Planner - Kerbal Alarm Clock - Asteroid Day New Kerizons Challenge belongs to Souper: http://forum.kerbalspacepro
  19. My entry.You HAVE to make an exception or change the rules.It should be more like: "No mods that alter gameplay." Because TWP, KAC, KER, KJR don't do that in any way, they're just practical.That is just too many restrictions, my friend. Anyways, my glorious probe Old Horizons.Because why not? The expected distance of New Horizons flyby is approximately 6200km.So i scaled down my encounter to kerbal proportions (basically divided by 10) and i set up a approximately 620km encounter.Warning! Album pic heavy! Total mission time: 9y and 133d From launch to unfortuantely escaping Kerbin's SOI.
  20. Dude. you beat me to the punch! I was planning this style of challenge. Gonna try this today and maybe post it.
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