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  1. It would be my first time i got into orbit and landed on the Mun. I still remember today .
  2. No offensively offensive offense, but y u no use PC?
  3. Name: Radon86(real name: Mark) Job: Advertiser/Builder (heavy struggle) Why do i want this job?: I want to be a part of something wonderful and great.I want to improve my skills.And also have fun while doing it. Previous work: F-18 Replica and SR-71 Replica(in my savefiles), these three here and countless originals (though not sure if they are forum-worthy). It would be an honour to work with you.You can pm me any time.
  4. My first ever KSP art and my first go at digital art as well.As you can see, i'm very VERY bad at it . I don't know what i did with my life.Happy nighmares! I'm gonna go die in a corner now.
  5. Thanks mate! But on the down side, i left the project as you can see.Because, well...I lack the C# programming potential, which means i couldn't fix even the simplest of bugs.So why bother with it? But on the UP side, i am tackling something grand that will take me a LOT of time to make.So until that day, patience will ensue. Anyways, thanks mate for the support!
  6. One week to go! THE HYPE, OH GOD THE IMMENSE HYPE!!!!!!!! No really, i've been following New Horizons since like 2008, so this is pretty big to me. And also fun fact: NASA revealed on Twitter that Pluto's rotation is a bit less than 7 days, around 6.39 Earth days to be exact. So, if we were to look at this mission from Pluto's perspective, technically, New Horizons will arrive "tommorow". Post: https://twitter.com/NASA_Marshall/status/618407719670816768/photo/1
  7. Why do they remind me of Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls?
  8. 2 more weeks to go! Get ready!
  9. Please follow the challenge submission guide. Specify the rules of this challenge, do we get points, leaderboard etc.
  10. Heyhey... We have a better look at the mysterious dots on the surface: Thanks Dawn. You're quite a buddy these days. But you are still second place, behind New Horizons. And a question.Who else here, but me, would like to send a Rosetta-like mission and deploy a lander to land in the crater with the spots.
  11. Same here.This happens sometimes with jacksepticeye, although he is my favorite youtuber. - - - Updated - - - Again, same problem.I'm really OCD.
  12. All the rage here about moneymaking, evil...blablabla. I'm cool with it.I will wait patiently for 1.0.3
  13. I know what i'm about to say is sad......really sad....but: I've been to Eve, Moho, Minmus, Duna, Jool, Dres and Eeloo and all other moons and returned(not in one go of course), but i never have actually landed succesefuly on the Mun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And yeah back to mission failiures: 1. I forget air intakes 2. Don't add enough struts or boosters 3. Overestimate the amount of dV i have or i just don't pay
  14. Ok i got enough, thanks for your suggestions! This thread can be considered closed.
  15. Ok people, 1 more month to go! And we are already getting some good pics of Pluto's moons!
  16. I landed a 3-man lander on Moho using only atomic engines! What was really disappointing was, i planned a burn for a return.And, in the last possible second, I RAN OUT OF FUEL!
  17. I will give this a go possibly today. Aiming for that MASTER badge.
  18. lol, the funniest challenge i've ever seen.Let's hope Romfarer doesn't get angry if he sees this.
  19. Ok people! The poll ended today after 7 days! Most of you said that you were cool with anything.But regarding that, most of you went for a big yes, except one that said maybe. I will implement the 3 difficulties later today.
  20. Sorry if i'm asking a bit too much, but why are you on mobile? Is something wrong with your PC or whatever you use?
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