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  1. Hey there, same issue here. I ran out of docking ports on my station and tried to attach one that I brought with a resupply ship, when I try to add the docking port to the station... KABOM! everything just blows into pieces. I do have a modded installation, with more mods I can count , don't know if that is the issue.
  2. Thanks a lot VoidSquid! I guess my google search was not deep enough and I was wrong about this issue starting before 1.11. Appreciate the help.
  3. Hi there! In the past couple weeks I started noticing that the KER DeltaV and Parts indicators were not working properly. When constructing a new ship or editing an existing one, the indicators will sometimes work, but most of the times will appear empty or with incorrect values. For example the Vessel indicator would show that my ship has 1 part when it has actually 4, or the DeltaV indicator will appear completely blank like if the ship does not have a engine or fuel. On this example you can see I created a simple ship an even thou the stock indicators are showing right val
  4. Hi guys! I am a fairly new player, but a very addicted one haha. I started playing KSP just by curiosity and now I can't stop playing. Anyways, despite I only have half my science tree unlocked on career mode, I decide to design a new "kinda" rover that could land and move across the surface of the moon. The idea is to carry the thing to the moon with a big rocket, cancel the horizontal velocity with the last stage and then descent only with the rover as vertical as possible, using the lateral engines to cancel gravity. As I said, I am new and is my first attempt to do something like thi
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