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  1. The game with generally only stop loading there if there is a mod that is out of date or in some other way incompatible with the version of the game you are playing. Try seeing if the versions of the mods you downloaded are build to be run in 1.8.1.
  2. That would be your problem. Steam automatically backs up your craft files so if you delete them accidentally out of the game nothing is lost. This makes it very hard to delete any crafts already installed. What you should do is to open the game, delete the craft files, and then exit using the main menu. This should keep steam from replacing the crafts. Other than that I would recommend duplicating the ksp folder steam installed and using that to play instead, as that makes steam not interfere, and you can continue to duplicate it to have multiple version to freely mod. Say one ksp folder for Realism overhaul and one for stock.
  3. @Hadron27Could you describe your problem? Do you delete the crafts only to have them magically reappear?
  4. The 68A (black ablative nozzle) is used on Delta 4, the 68B (white ablative nozzle) was proposed for constellation, and the one with the SSME-esk regeneratively-cooled nozzle is fictional.
  5. Hi, i'm interested in the SRB-X shuttle derived lv but can't find that much on it. Most times people refer to it being "once described as the the single worst shuttle-derived launcher ever proposed" but I don't know where that comes from or who said it. Does anyone have an idea?
  6. You need to put the "weapons manager" part on your craft.
  7. @Angel-125 Would it be possible if you could make a patch that would reduce the tank's capacity for the stock game so we wouldn't have to leave the foreword and aft tanks un-fueled?
  8. There is, you can find it in the extras folder of cryo engines as "CryoEnginesRestock."
  9. Sorry I wasn't very clear. The engines are deprecated so they can be moved to the cryo engines mod. Since there being moved to another mod and not deleted you are probably fine still using them, but if you want to be on the safe side or use them in an un-deprecated state I would suggest downloading an older version of the mod and dragging the "engines-lfo-advanced" folder into your game data. (You will still need NFLV for the plumes though.)
  10. Its intentional, when NFLV was redone the old methalox engines where deprecated to make room for the new kerelox engines. I think that Nertea said that they will be added to Cryo Engines in the future.
  11. There is a patch in kerbal atomics that lets it use both LH2 and LF.
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