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  1. I have a similar problem, I start and my craft bounces for under two seconds and blows up. Setting the damper and spring strengths to minimum helps.
  2. what if you just left it as a white model?(joke)
  3. for some reason it appeared in carrier mode and now it is also in sandbox. i guess i was not looking hard enough. btw i think it should be in command. sorry about the inconvenience
  4. update: did not work and how do i post logs? should i copy and paste?
  5. mods:firespitter, b9partswitch:at_utils, clickthroughblocker, usitools, toolbarcontrol, airplaneplus, b9aerospace, b9aerospacehx, b9aerospace_legacy, b9animationmodules, bdarmory, bdarmory weapons extension, blendshapemodleloader, community category kit, and too many to mention and i doubt you would want to go through 70 mods. i guess i will start ksp with only this mod and see what happens.
  6. i unzipped it. i have been playing with mods a lot and i know to unzip them. but the mod did not even appear in the janater's closet menu.
  7. i tried to install the mod but it wont work. i put [WMS] in gamedata in ksp 1.10.1. did i do something wrong?
  8. i cannot edit the buildings from the mods and it does not give me edit options including adding another building in(placing not making a new type)
  9. This mod and the required mods caused the game to not load the menu screen after adding this mod. I am in version 1.7.3 with no other mods than the required mods and this one.
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