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  1. Hey Eskandare, I hope things are going pleasantly for you! This mod is really, really amazing, and I even managed to build a replica SR-71 with it!
  2. Unfortunately, I already have all of those mods. I'm trying to find perhaps some obscure ones
  3. What are some good spaceplane mods for KSP? I already have quite a few, but I'm looking for more.
  4. I can't seem to access to download for this mod... Is it still around?
  5. It's been ages since I last checked in on this mod. How're things going?
  6. This is seriously amazing! I absolutely love the parts you have so far, and I had a few ideas for potential cockpits you could add (if you want to, that is) in the future: Vought F-8 Crusader, F-5E Tiger II/F-20 Tigershark, F-106 Delta Dart, and F-105 Thunderchief. Once again, this is absolutely amazing, and I hope you have a great day!
  7. So, I was attempting to build an F-8 Crusader in KSP today, and that got me thinking: Is there anyone out there who would be willing to make a mod for KSP that adds in the right parts to make a Vought F-8 Crusader? Then, I started thinking about what else a mod like that could include, other than the Crusader's Nose-section, engine-shroud/engine, tail fins, wings, and landing gear. One of my ideas was that with this mod adding F-8 Crusader parts, it could also add in a few other cockpits, wings/control surfaces, and engines. Among these could be different variations of the Crusader nose-section (such as a more futuristic and sleek one, a larger two-seat version, etc), and possibly entirely different plane cockpits. What do y'all think?
  8. I am having issues where whenever I download the most recent version of the mod, it crashes my game halfway through loading. I somewhere that someone fixed this by going back to the previous version, so do you know where I can access the previous version?
  9. Hello there. On the workshop, I was browsing and came across numerous ships that use B9 Procedural Wings, so I was wondering how or if I could download it? This then begged the question: Does B9 Aerospace work with KSP 1.9.1?
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