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  1. Despite how ungodly expensive it is, SLS is going to look good once it is all stacked.
  2. Not sure if you are joking, but the Amish rather prove my point. Plainness is a cultural virtue, but shoddy materials are not. Their clothing might look unadorned to you or I, but that does not mean it is not nice. Despite their apparent plainness, they still enjoy fine things, like finely crafted furniture. The technology thing is a bit of a thorny problem for the Amish to Mars scenario, but I think it is quite likely there are splinter religious groups in the world that would like to get off planet so they could do their thing undisturbed.
  3. Shockingly, people like to wear nice clothes and have nice things. This is a human universal across all time periods and cultures. If people derive joy out of their baubles, then it serves a purpose for society. Improving some industrial process on the order of a few percentage points is arguably less valuable than the enjoyment people derive from their baubles. Life is for living, not for some marginal efficiency improvement in manufacturing.
  4. I think you are right here. This isn't really a knock on Tesla. FWIW Tesla said in a press release in early 2020: Of course there is bias inherent in a Tesla corporate press release. They can be fudging the numbers one way or another, but they can't straight up fabricate them. I doubt Fremont is significantly better or worse than other automotive plants, which aren't particularly dangerous to begin with compared to some heavy manufacturing, resource extraction industries, or even garden variety construction workers. Edit: Metal and construction workers at Starbase are pr
  5. Literally a conspiracy theory that has been debunked many times. Citation needed. All of the reporting I have seen suggests this isn't the case and maybe never was. Tesla workers are free to unionize. The UAW is not a good union and Tesla workers would be stupid to let them in right now. Entry level line positions at Austin are starting at $15-17/hour IIRC. What do you consider living wages? Citation needed. Abusive is not a term to be wielded lightly. From what I understand, the relationship was not working and the divorce was messy. But allegations of dome
  6. He is the Chief Engineer of SpaceX. He doesn’t do all of the engineering, but he is certainly more invested in engineering than the business itself. He has said as much many many times.
  7. It won’t really. Even in the IEA’s most aggressive net-neutral-by-2050 forecasts there will still be daily production of roughly 24 million barrels of oil per day, down from a peak of ~104 sometime mid 2020s. However, electricity, transport, and heating are three enormous sources of emissions that can be transformed by renewable energy sources and different technologies. All of those sectors transitioning will put enormous downward pressure on the petrochemical industry.
  8. Right! Wind power is much more mature than solar and has grown by 356% over the last decade. Having solar and wind growing at double digits percentages per year over the next decade radically reshapes the US electricity generation landscape. That extra capacity can be used to reduce the coal/natural gas generating capacity (already happening, coal capacity declined by 1050 TWh 2010-2020) and electrify sectors like transport.
  9. My apologies, I did the number wrong in my head US energy consumption is 4000 TWh, not 4 TWh. Hopefully my math is correct this time. Re: takeoff. US solar generating capacity expanded at a rate of 58% increase year over year over the last decade. Even forecasting 19% year over year growth (the average of the last three years) over the next decade puts new solar starts alone at 425 TWh. Never mind increasing economies of scale and a better incentive mix as local/state/federal governments mandate renewable energy use.
  10. Your numbers really don't make any sense here. You don't calculate consumption based on the number of hours per day or the size of the battery pack, you calculate it based on distance travelled. There are ~225 million drivers in the US. They travel on average ~21 500 km per year. A nice even estimate (although a bit conservative) of consumption for an efficient EV is 200 Wh/km combined. Multiply the three numbers together and you get roughly 967 TWh of electricity need if every single driver only drove electric vehicles. That is a lot of electricity certainly. But the US alre
  11. If Wikipedia is correct, roughly 13. Of course, we don't typically know until one is spotted in the wild. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Falcon_9_first-stage_boosters#Block_5
  12. Space Corps would have been good. USSC has a sci-fi ring to it.
  13. Gorgeous view of stage separation and boost back
  14. It is simulcast on NASA tv so I imagine it has to conform to their standards.
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