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  1. Have you tried AR's mining page? It might be a good jumping off point... @kerbiloid has a point as well. Earth provides an infinite heat sink for some very energy-intensive operations,as well as an infinite supply of gases, etc. All of these are solveable problems, I guess...
  2. LOL. How about the People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force? Or the People's Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps? Now, if their Marines start flying aircraft...
  3. Meanwhile, Blue Origin is using an innovative greenhouse emissions reduction technique.
  4. UUOUU. Nertea is part of the team now!? Somebody should give his account that "KSP2 Team" tag...
  5. KSP2 is no longer a video game. It's an artistic medium of extraordinary quality! Keep up the good work!
  6. I'm near Tyler... We've probably got the wrong time zone. Drat.
  7. Thanks! I downloaded ReStock just last night, and I've loved it so far. I'm officially no longer a stock player, and I'm never going back! I've heard that about RO multiple times now, so I think I'll hold off on RO/RP-1 until I can be sure I want to deal with them...
  8. You'll need a lot more than a big nozzle to dissipate torchdrive level waste heat.
  9. I should have checked those out first. Thank you all; I'll go look at all of these and get a modlist together.
  10. Thanks! I think Simplex Resources is exactly what I'm looking for in that department. Snacks looks cool, too. Is there any mod that makes the tech tree more realistic without requiring RSS? Some better contracts would also be nice...
  11. I figured it was like a fisheye or something. But they're still pretty high up...
  12. This is a part of the forum I never visit, so I guess I'm basically new here. The reason I'm here is because, up until now, I've been a strictly vanilla player. However, I think I might want to change that soon, but I don't know where to start. I'm really looking for added realism in the game. ReStock and Realism Overhaul both look nice. I want something complex, but not enormously so. TheBeardyPenguin's and N9 Gaming's For All Kerbalkind series is on the high end of the complexity spectrum I'm going for. I only have so many hours to spend on videogames... Can anyone please introduce me to the world of KSP mods, and maybe recommend something that might fit my tastes?
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