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  1. I did a calligraphy birthday card for my father yesterday, and I laid out the margins in inches, but ruled the guidelines in metric. *shrugs* I do know a place where feet will never go out of use. It's pipe organs. Ranks of pipes have their pitches measured in feet. I can't imagine a 2.4384 m Gedackt, but I use an 8' Gedackt all the time.
  2. ^ Oh, good. I was coming here to ask if we'd gotten any news on the incident. Now I know... Thanks!
  3. I agree. I personally love flat UI designs. I dislike extreme minimalism. There shouldn't be tons of empty space. Colors and highlights should all fall within the same palette. This UI we're seeing from the devs checks all my boxes.
  4. Ehhh... Maybe a teeny tiny bit. But what they'd really notice would be the early warning radars. Clear AFB, Thule, and Olenegorsk would look like beacons compared to wimpy TV signals.
  5. There were no clouds of fighters guarding the F-117. It flew solo strike missions into the heaviest air defense umbrellas. In many cases, other strike packages would be present in the same general area, coming in from different directions. Maybe that confused you?
  6. There's a reason, though, that the F-117 did like 80% of strike missions. Stealth is just that hard to beat.
  7. It sounds like Tom Clancy to me. I'd read that book!
  8. Glorious! I love procedural parts sooooo much! Can't wait to play this game!
  9. I think it happens because of the particles and anti-particles that spontaneously generate in all of space. (That's the reason you can never have truly empty space.) Normally, they cancel out, and nobody notices them, but when they pop up near a black hole, sometimes one particle is pulled in, and the other gets away. The flow of escaping particles is what we call Hawking radiation. Anyone who knows better, please correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. I think speculation is okay as long as it's marked as speculation. Pretending it's factual is wrong, but making educated guesses based on past events is fine and perfectly normal. So, what I want to know is this: If the airliner really did shed parts mid-air, what could have caused it? Could frantic maneuvers caused by disorientation have done it? I know very little about airliners, except that they have huge safety margins. Perhaps @mikegarrison could help?
  11. I wonder if the massive descent rate plus some frantic maneuvers could have caused that... Obviously wings don't just fall off, unless it was maintained really, really poorly. I still like SunlitZelkova's explanation, though. The same exact thing happened with a JASDF fighter over the Pacific. No mayday, no ejection, and it wasn't the aircraft's fault. The pilot became disoriented, and his sensory inputs gave him false information. It happened despite having instruments in the cockpit which he could have used.
  12. ~15 minutes, depending on what I have open in the background. When NetBeans, Microsoft Word, and File Explorer are all running, and I have 22 tabs in my browser, it increases big-time. I run both expansions, ReStock, BDA for Runway Project, Kerbalside Remastered, and a bunch of others besides. Windows 10, Dell Precision PC from ~2017. Pretty beefy for a PC.
  13. Solution: radar directed Gatling guns in spaaaace!
  14. That's exactly what it means. It's in the context.
  15. Adequate for what? For showing people what the actual HST looked like? I went to Houston, and I saw one of the Apollo capsules that orbited the Moon. I saw a piece of history. Mock-ups are not history. I saw a lot of mock-ups, too, but none of them supplied any portion of the same feelings. People like to see the real deal, not a forgery or replacement goldfish. The telescope is infungible. Is fungibility the only measure of value? Not at all. Try telling the Brits they can have a mock-up of Buckingham Palace, or the Catholics that they can have a mock-up of St. John Lateran. It doesn't work. So this is a false dichotomy.
  16. Ehhh, not exactly... The oath is basically saying that you are going to tell the truth, and you agree to be held accountable* if you intentionally do not tell the truth. The "truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" part is just the qualifier that says you won't make anything up, or omit details in a way that deceives. It's not about the fundamental concept of Truth. *by the court. With the Bible, you'd also say you're accountable to God on Judgement Day, which was considered extremely serious during the centuries when our legal system was cemented.
  17. Escape velocity, yes. Falcon 9 has sent things on escape trajectories besides the Roadster. For example, the recent DART mission.
  18. @jrodriguez Thank you, sir! I've watched those, but I'm not sure if they work with BDArmory for Runway Project. Do you think it would be better if I uninstall Runway Project's version and use BDAc & your Modular Missile Parts mod instead? Thanks again!
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