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  1. Tons! Thank you! I'm definitely downloading this, then. I've been on a bit of a BDArmory fighter jet kick in KSP, and I wanted more places to launch from and fly to.
  2. As light as possible and lots of wing. The highest horizontal flight was achieved by NASA's Helios something-or-other, which has long, straight wings and very low weight. The SR-71 and friends are able to get that high, I think, because they're moving so fast that they can use the thinner air more effectively.
  3. I hope the devs include lots of alternate bases and launch sites on Kerbin. Bases on other worlds would be cool, though, but that should probably be a toggle-able setting...
  4. Ooh, this mod looks very interesting... I have just one question. Can anyone tell me how many (non-hidden) bases it adds? I'm just wondering...
  5. I still don't know why anyone would ever listen to tabloids. (Especially for anything factual. ) It's a great mystery of our time.
  6. That sword isn't from the USSF. It's an Air Force thing. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25409/the-usaf-uses-huge-swords-fit-for-he-man-and-the-thundercats-to-honor-officers Kinda weird tradition, though.
  7. It's the boundary between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. As far as I know, there's not a name for the (very sudden) transition between the two. The High Plains is used sometimes. The entire high, mountainous region of western NA is called the North American Cordillera. Here in Texas and New Mexico, though, there's a thing called the Caprock Escarpment, which is a high-altitude plateau, and an extension of the North American Cordillera. It ends very abruptly, at a giant cliff that stretches from one end of the horizon to the other, called the Llano Estacado. That might work as a name as well.
  8. Me, too! Apparently it was the longest duration in 580 years, so I wasn't gonna miss it.
  9. Anyone else seeing the lunar eclipse? I stepped out and was simply blown away. Absolutely gorgeous. Seeing the Moon hanging there, all dim and reddish is just fascinating. To know that it's the shadow of the rock I'm standing on that's causing it is really something special...
  10. I didn't even think about time warp playing in to this... Hmmm... Maybe it takes time + funds/science points/milestones. Then the time dimension still plays a role. Otherwise, you're right; it becomes superfluous. Maybe the time-sensitivity of contracts should be bumped up? Isn't there actually a mod that does something kinda like this? Now that I think about it, I seem to remember something...
  11. I think I'd most like to see something like how the real world actually works. Space agencies dump precious funding and time into researching a given technology. They can only do so much research in a given time however, so an agency has to prioritize important technologies. Agencies must allocate research capacities, funding, and time. Leaps in technology don't come in big bundles of unrelated developments, like tech nodes in KSP1. Instead, they're highly subdivided. For example, in x year y engine might be upgraded, or a new part or set of related parts might be developed. Experiments performed in space, as well as milestones and successful completion of missions generally give the program access to more funding, research capacity, or whatever. How this works could depend on what kind of agency the agency is. Is it a government organization or a company? In general, I think KSP2 needs a much more subdivided tech tree, with all the nodes focussing on very specific iterations. The nodes should be unlocked by throwing time and funds (or the equivalent thereof) at them, through a constrained development pipeline. Experiments shouldn't directly unlock new tech; they should pave the way for more research. Anyway, that's my opinion. I think you could add other cool mechanics, too. For example, if you launch many crewed flights, your researchers might be able to research crewed spaceflight tech more efficiently.
  12. On this day in 1988, the USSR launched Buran on its only test flight. Just kinda cool.
  13. Bones of pig iron and lead, huh? It sounds like if they made any fast movement, their bones would fall through their flesh from inertia. You'd need much tougher ligaments and tendons and whatnot, I think. But I'm not a biologist/doctor/somethinglikethat, so...
  14. Eris? That's what I had suggested, but someone pointed out you want a massive body out there, for gravity assists. That's why I came around to Pthigrivi's idea.
  15. We've got a new pile of promotional material from Sukhoi for their Su-75 Checkmate fighter. It's a very pretty plane, IMO. Brings back the X-32 vibes with that intake... It's called a light fighter, but it's the same size as the Su-57 Felon. Good inspirational material for fighters in KSP, especially with Runway Project here again. This site did an analysis: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/43119/latest-images-of-russias-checkmate-fighter-shows-us-just-how-big-it-really-is
  16. I meant it would probably be better to not produce as many niche variants, and just stick to the three current types. I guess I botched my terminology.
  17. I think the more engines they build, the better. Keep all six Raptors on LSS, and take advantage of economies of scale, I guess.
  18. It's probably 'cause of Thanksgiving coming up. They might be saving up to release a seasonal video then. I'm happy any way they go. I've always thought of the videos and posts as a nice extra/gift thing anyways.
  19. Good points. I like Pthigrivi's suggestion of a cold Neptune + Enceladus analog better.
  20. I would be happy to see a very distant dwarf planet added to the Kerbolar system. It would be a good interstellar jumping-off point.
  21. @PDCWolf, we already cleared this up. Your wording in your first posts made it sound like you thought no stars were visible if you stand on the day side of a planet. I pointed out that you can see them again if you cover the sun with your hand and your eyes dark-adapt. You agreed. There is no argument anymore.
  22. Very interesting. Thank you for pointing that out. Funny, I assumed they would have to be bright stars to show in those conditions. Seems like this confirms that, with the right settings, much fainter stars than even I thought possible are visible. Better leave fainter stars in the skybox, then.
  23. "Made of Explodium" "Starting Reverse Deceleration" "Switching to Engine-rich Exhaust" "Reaching Apimün" "Listening to the Music of the Spheres" "Washing Hands in Heat Sink" That's all I can think of...
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