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  1. The world would be a better place if publishers didn't announce the game until it was actually finished (not 90%, not 99%, 100%!) You shouldn't make promises on unfinished games because you don't know if you will run into unforseen issues or other challenges. Also announcing a game in pre alpha and expecting to release it in a few months is a recipe for disaster. I still believe they can release it, and I do want to wait for a finished game. But this is looking kinda like the Minecraft super duper graphics pack (which was announced in 2017 to be released in the same year before being delayed multiple times (sounding familiar) and then being cancelled in early 2020, although I suspect it had been abandoned for a while by then.) The lack of news and the long delays are all too familiar, and I would say there is at least a 10% chance that we will never see a ksp2, but that's just my opinion. My patience is running thin. Luckily I've kind of given up so I'm not really even waiting anymore. Got burnt out on ksp and haven't played for a few months, if KSP2 does release I might get back into it.
  2. An arguably bigger argument for the desktop is upgradability. With a laptop if you want to update the gpu or cpu you need a whole new computer, but with a desktop you can just replace a part or two. Laptops are also generally priced higher for equivalent performance than desktops (even pre built's!) Also desktops typically actually have a smaller footprint then a laptop since most of their volume is vertical. Also from my experience gaming laptops are almost useless for gaming when not plugged in. They either throttle to chromebook performance or run out of battery in 10 minutes. So it's not really a choice, get a desktop @Popestar, you won't regret it. Also don't try to game on a laptop without a monitor, you will hurt yourself with the bad posture.
  3. Listing: raspberry pi 5b+ w/ 8gb ram, m.2 slot for SSD, windows 10 arm64 support. Actual product: chromebook (cue it's switching time ad.)
  4. Argus: an 8 billion year old K type main sequence star about 175 light years away from Kerbol. Hadet: a small tidally locked Duna sized world that orbits very close to Argus, and has lava that has existed since Kerbol was just a dim stellar embryo. Lamina: a small moon of Hadet that is slowly falling towards Hadet to be swallowed. Aelus: A massive desert super Earth with winds that are second only to gas giants. Termus: a Moho sized moon of Aelus. Etanos: a small hot world with water at the equator. It's atmosphere is toxic to kerbals. Photosynthesizing bacteria flock to it's shallow pools, but the planet is too hot for more complex life. Rust: a small (for a super Earth) super Earth with glaciers and oceans. It has an oxygenated atmosphere, evidence of photosynthesizing plants. And is sending out radio signals that appear to be encrypted, and are illegible to kerbals. Many think this is just a strong magnetic field. But there is mounting evidence of communication biproducts. It is interesting to many kerbals that potentially intelligence life occupies a world that has likely been habitable for at least 6 billion years. It is too bad that it will take many decades for kerbalkinds first signals to reach them, and many more for their reply. Leone: Rusts only moon compensates it lack of siblings for it's size, about half of kerbins. It's size and thin atmosphere would make a space race interesting, perhaps leading to colonization and collaboration instead of competition. Perhaps the nearby presence of Etanos would promote this collaboration. Polasnia: a Neptune sized cold gas giant. If it has any moons (and it almost definitely does,) they are hidden by its mass and magnetosphere. However this does rule out any moons with a mass greater than two Minmus's making it overall more similar to Uranus in that regard. Augustus: very little is knows about this Kerbin sized world. It orbits in a very high elliptical orbit. It was detected by radial velocity with the Jebs Web space telescope, as opposed to the other planets which were discovered with the transit method. It's inclination is likely to high to be viewed with the transit method from Kerbin.
  5. That whole video was one massive cringe test. I like it when Mojang tries to make things fun, but that video went way too far. If this makes hacking more difficult though I will be super happy (but only if servers can still allow mods.) It would also be nice if they punish server owners who are actually violating the tos, rather than people like me who are just logging in on a different wifi. Server owner sells paid god swords: Microsoft: Me tries to log in on my brand new computer Microsoft: Please start the account recovery process that won't lead anywhere and will be a total waste of your time.
  6. Does anyone know any good open source alternatives to Minecraft? I've tried Minetest and Terasology and neither suited my tastes.
  7. Granted, you can nail a printed screenshot to your wall. I wish notch hadn't sold minecraft, and while we're dreaming about stuff that won't happen I wish that minecraft was open source.
  8. Unfortunately if you don't migrate your account you will lose the ability to play. This is even worse than bedrock edition because at least on bedrock you can play singleplayer without signing in.
  9. Yeah, the cape is definitely for nine year old's. Capes aren't special if everyone has one. You aren't considered a "special" veteran player for having and optifine cape or badlion merch. I also don't really care about stores because I can just play an old version (I only really play modded 1.8 anyways) If they remove the the ability to play old versions I think that everyone will either quit or {snip} the game. What really worries me is that historic accounts will be lost, or people will get false banned from singleplayer. For example, one player on reddit had an old account with a 2 character name, they may be forced to change their name. Also players whos accounts use an email that they don't have access to or doesn't exist. I fall into this boat because my account is registered under my dads email (I know the password for the account but not for the email.) And then of course people getting banned from Minecraft. In the old system you could only be banned from a server, but in the new system Microsoft can and will delete your account for violating the TOS, which could be a disaster for severs like 2b2t (although a potential benefit could be actual punishment for hacking on minigame servers, perhaps a system where server admins could report players for hacking, of course that would only be good if Microsoft tries to prevent abuse.) A much bigger problem is people getting false banned. Lets say someone get banned from a server for hacking. They can then create thousands of bots and then have them all report the server owner for TOS violation, which would get the owners Minecraft account deleted.
  10. The official article from Mojang: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/java-edition-moving-house This is concerning. This will give Microsoft far greater control over Java edition. How does the community feel about this change.
  11. Buy video output machine out of stock, sell for high price via ebay*. Talking to gamers is not recommended. *Mining cryptocurrency also excepted.
  12. Minecraft Java Microsoft accounts, need I say more: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/java-edition-moving-house
  13. Really, for me it looks a lot better with the blue filter. When I turned it off the background went from light blue to darker blue, and the posts turned from white to blue. Still awful though, if it can be changed back I would like that.
  14. First impressions: Things I like: layout is good and more mobile friendly. The old layout is mostly intact. Things I dislike: colors are awful and harsh. It feels a little slower. I'm fairly indifferent to the more rounded off theme, although I preferred the old style. It reminds me of Windows XP with it's "fisher price" look. On mobile the edit button is in a drop-down, not next to quote, which is annoying. On mobile long quotes are cut off with a "show more" thing. Mostly I just don't understand though, they changed so little it just feels unnecessary. Was there a software change? Because if not I would like a revert.
  15. One day Japris modded ksp so much that it crashed. When Japris attempted to launch it again his pc BSOD and got stuck in a bootloop. Unfortunately that pc also controlled his houses self destruct mechanism, which was triggered by the error. Luckily Japris jumped out of his house just in time, but landed on someones car. Japris attempted to jump off the cars roof, but flew right into a large car and went splat on the windshield.
  16. syntax error: invalid syntax at (qt21tq14t) When you "accidentally" downloaded a virus that triggered a bootloop: What if you wanted a new computer, but dad said:
  17. Elon Kerman died when his 4000 part Kesla caused the cpu to overheat. This resulted in the user being stuck with a school chromebook (with pentium and 128 kilobytes of ram. That resulted such low ksp fps that Elon chose to self edit himself out of the save file. Meh Kerman: School.
  18. [Windows] YOU_ARE_USING_WINDOWS_MELLENIUM_EDITION Do you like your current os? Too bad, we will make you upgrade to Windows 10 XP. Formatting drive C: (because we are Microsoft, and we know what's best Upgrading to WindowsXP [###################________________________________________]
  19. Found this on accident. Apparently it's for scraping ice off cars, but because the image had "pc" in it it came up. Wait: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197446-come-up-with-computer-at-homefine-for-schoolwork-specs/
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