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  1. Ok then 20 parts. 10 is way to little to build anything that isn't useless or ugly. 15 is the bare minimum. Maybe a way we could manage it is 25 part maximum, but try to keep it as low as possible. Alternatively we could have two cores and two stations, since we're getting to the point where the number of people are starting to affect the potential quality of people's modules. Maybe an orbiting station and a surface base, or allowing people to do modules that compliment the station but aren't part of it (relay network, for example.) I think that maybe having two stations may even be necessary, with 33 people. Plus this would allow more complementary modules and ensure the longevity of the project. Why do a collaborative station when you can do a collaborative exploration project, or a collaborative sandbox save? Plus, if it was successful enough we might even get totm!
  2. Can we raise the part limit to ~ 30 parts. With 10 parts you have to choose between compromising functionality for aesthetics or vice versa. Even with the 30 part limit the station will still have less than 1000 parts, so if people with slower computers dock first it won't be a problem. Also, @VoidCosmos, may I create a thread with a poll to help us understand wars going on, the questions are: Can you do interplanetary transfers? Can you dock? Who's building a tug (to transport the modules of those who cannot get it to Laythe.) Who's docking other people's modules (same reason as above.) Assuming we increase the part limit, who needs to go dock earlier because of there pc. The questions will be yes/no or me/not me depending on the question. Once everyone has voted, we can figure out the order in the eighth and start on the ninth. Also, will it be in 1.10.0 or 1.10.1?
  3. Waiter, there's a stale thread in my soup.
  4. Thou shalt have scientist Kerbal sit in command chair next to mystery goo and science jr. Thou shalt sacrifice 1 in every 10 recruits to the great kraken.
  5. That shelf looks exactly like on that I have!
  6. Perfection. Also, how is a trash can useful for a Duna mission.
  7. The fact is Duna is better, any saving gained from the transfer to Eve can be remedied at Duna, because you can aerobrake without specialized hardware, so you don't need to lug around heat shields or extra fuel. Also, Duna isn't that hard to hit, especially with mods like transfer window planner.
  8. Kspi-e has engines op enough to do it (the comet.) I could install it ,and then destroy all ships with its parts before passing the save file.
  9. But Eve's inclination makes it harder, plus Ike is much closer to Minmus than Gilly (in terms of landing procedure.) As you can see though, it doesn't really matter which you pick, especially if you don't plan to land. Once you do either a mission to Eeloo or one of Jool's moons is I your grasp and you can complete the tech tree, however, I think Ike is better for beginners because it's simpler even though it may require a little more dV. Although it may be unnecessary, once you unlock the nerv a mission Eeloo or Bop is very much possible, and even a Jool 5 for a skilled player. Also it depends on if you can dock or not, if you can you can do Gilly, Ike, Dres, Duna or Bop, and if not it's best to do Gilly.
  10. I actually prefer doing Ike to Gilly, you can still build a very small lander, but getting to Duna is easier, because you can safely aerobreak, the mission profile I use is having all my science on the Ike lander, as well as my Kerbin re-entry capsule, and only leave tanks in low Ike orbit, and use two radial nerv engines as my propulsion for the entire mission beyond lko. Wow, a textbook run on sentence! I will keep it (because I'm lazy!)
  11. Yeah, much like the 1.3 people, I will probably stick to 1.8.1 or 1.9.1 until ksp2 comes out. Although I will admit that jumping to 1.10.0 may have tainted the update for me (although I was smart enough to move 1.8.1 and 1.9.1 installs out of steam,) but the esa missions were just too cool. Actually, the esa missions were the one good part of the update, but breaking restock and a ton of stupid bugs don't make up for it. Plus, I can get better esa stuff with mods.
  12. I believe this is it:
  13. Another gamebreaking but that just got worse is the maneuver nodes in the Jool system cause crashes, and even bsod's bug, would report it if the bugtracker would let me create an account, which it won't. Good job squad, reverting to 1.8, the last stable version of the game as soon as I'm done with a 1.10 collab. Plus 1.8 has a fully stable Kopernicus and other mods, no reason other than the collaboration to stay in 1.10. I swear I would hate ksp if I didn't love it so much.
  14. The heat shield could be jettisoned for Kerbal bailout, in the case of parachute failure, or if course you can trust the ability of Kerbals in command chairs to survive impacts at ridiculous speeds. A possible improvement would be to use the breaking ground hinges to have the heat shield double as a hatch door. I'm inspired to build my own version!
  15. Banned for self banning for banning for something?????????
  16. Banned because Energia landed a spacecraft on the Moon.
  17. Inverse saurons eye at home: