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  1. When looking for new nozzle designs, Jebadiah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co asked a good question, "What if you cut a nozzle in half then put the bottom half on some pistons?". Well they did exactly that, then they asked another question, "What if we made it so it has different modes?". Well, after a few explosions and trips to the hospital near by, they found that if done right, it can make a rocket engine good for almost any occasion, they have some drawings of a possible even bigger, 3.75 meter version that would do well for bigger rockets, and, it would help the age old problem, when using MOAR BOOSTERS, what engine do we put on?
  2. HEY, HEY, HEY! I love it! I always disliked it when I would zoom in on Kerbin and I would see it be maybe 10 million meters from the orbit line, same with my interplanetary missions, it was just frustrating not knowing how close the maneuver was other than the time away from it.
  3. Thanks for sparking my interest once again y'all! Keep up the good work! You all have great days ahead of you! And as long as you try your hardest you'll get past the challenges!
  4. Hey devs, and players, and watchers on whatever video platform you please, I have to thank all of you for so much! It's been a good seven years for me! Huge thanks to the devs and players because it's all of you and this great game that has inspired me to go into aerospace engineering as soon as I graduate! See you all on the other side! - BigStar Aerospace P.S. Remember to always look up! Fortiter ad astra!
  5. I found out I have Kessler Syndrome! During launch, when I reached 80 Km (the normal height for my communication sats), I ran into a satellite (more like it ran into me) and it ruined my launch, luckily the crew could get home safe.
  6. I have been playing KSPEE for quite some time now on my PS4 and I have to say it, I want a few mods, but I don't know how to modify a mod for KSPEE, or how to program for that matter, if anyone has any info on how to get a mod onto my PS4 and working, please say so.
  7. I bet you get this dumb question asked all the time, but when will the Sirius update come out? (sorry to bother)
  8. I put an I class comet in orbit of Rhode, it only took 8 hours straight of burning the Nerv engines to capture.
  9. So, I am new at asking for help with kOS so please bare with me, I need help writing a kOS script for shuttle reentry and landing, it needs to be able to land on the runway, it also needs to be flexible for different planet packs and KSC placements, currently I am using Beyond Home so this should be easier than something for Kerbin, if you can make it work for both that would be amazing, if you have any questions please DM me. A bigger purpose for this is helping newer players like me learn how scripts work, I would love to share the script with my friends too because they as well use kOS and are quite new. Thanks to all who participate. The craft you can use for testing: https://kerbalx.com/GameString/Space-Shuttle A video to give reference to a good shuttle re-entry by Simply Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA91evJ-wdk
  10. Simple, easy request, can you make an orange version of the mammoth engine, or can you make all white variants of the 3m tanks and the engine. Having a whole lot of stripes all over doesn't look to good, I like sleek, modern rockets.
  11. Dres is better than Eeloo, but that doesn't mean I don't like Eeloo, it give a good big memory of how KSP started and should be loved as is, it is a reminder of evolution.
  12. Waiter, there's a @Spaceman.Spiff in my soup. I request some sodown!
  13. @Nate Simpson I absolutely love all the things that have been shown... but I have to ask, will there (and I feel like this is a dumb question) be the pre-made rockets? And a little extra on that, will there be one like in my picture from the trailer?
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