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  1. I know this thread is a bit old, but recently I've been delving into reusable SRB core stages for my new career mode which is the hardest one yet. I use a very steep launch trajectory while using the first stage to get an apoapsis of at least 100 Km, then an efficient upper stage that can push the payloads apoapsis as far away as possible while keeping it the same altitude. Then once the apoapsis is at a MINIMUM of 10 minutes away, then I switch over to the booster. What I've done (I use DLC) since I don't have airbrakes is use the robotic parts, specifically the small alligator hinge as well as a square wing piece and a KALL-1000 Kontroller to deploy the airbrakes, I can explain the airbrakes more if needed. And then at the bottom of the large SRB, I'll have either Shrimp or Mite engines pointing upwards for when the SRB reaches apoapsis, if you're in career mode, you want the stage to land as close to the KSC as possible to get the most funds recovered as possible. After those are fired at apoapsis and the airbrakes are deployed before I reenter the atmosphere, I point prograde with the heatshield on top of the booster ensuring that minimal damage occurs during reentry. Then once I get down to 12 Km and I'm going slow enough, I deploy the drogue chutes at 5 Km, then I slowly descend to 2.5 Km to deploy the main chutes, the amount of these needed depends on the boosters weight, I use six for the Clydesdale and 4 for the Thoroughbred. You also want enough reaction wheels in the booster so that when you splash down you can hold radial in to ensure that the booster doesn't tip over and ruin some of the technology, this can also be done by adding weight to the top of the booster so it always wants to face down, this wastes fuel, but is more realistic. Then once it's below 0.3 m/s I recover it. Similar techniques can be used with liquid fuel boosters, all though the extra parts can cause some noticeable differences.
  2. I started a moderate career mode, but the gravity is 2 times higher.
  3. I personally have the goal of mass colonization. I will start with a mega-base on the Mun due to it's equatorial orbit, lack of atmosphere, and low gravity. I will use the facilities at this base to mass produce the parts needed for a super-station that would go into high orbit of Kerbin between the Mun and Minmus. This station will be my second mass production facility, but instead it will mass produce many types of ships. These ships will all have different purposes and sizes; fuel freighters, material freighters, colony ships, exploration ships that will be a sort of Swiss army knife of landers and orbiters meant for many different planets and systems, etc. After manufacturing all these ships, I will begin a mass colonization of every large body in the Kerbolar system, first Minmus, then Duna and Ike, all the way to Eeloo and Moho's southern pole due to it's lower temperature. After that, I will utilize the Joolian system as the second mass production facility, Laythe will be the home of all the main Kerbal Facilities, but other moons excluding Tylo (unless a specific needed resource is found there), will be used for mining and ore transport to fuel my Kerbal Empire with money and resources. After the whole Kerbolar system is colonized (hopefully within the first ten years), the first expedition the the closest habitable planet or system will begin. Similar processes will happen there as to the Kerbolar system. Afterwards, I will attempt to make a ship capable of going 80 to 90 percent the speed of light in order to shorten travel times as much as possible, if higher than 90% speeds are achieved, I will begin the Great Civilization Explosion, all at once ships will be sent out to 5 or 10 new systems ready to colonize, this will only be possible due to the alarm clock feature, otherwise many ships would fly off into intergalactic space. Once I achieve the colonization of 10 extra-Kerbolar systems, the second Civilization Explosion will happen, but instead colonizing 15 different systems, these systems will all have close proximity to already colonized systems. Then the Great Helios Station will begin construction in a stable infinity orbit of Rask and Rusk. This will be the pinnacle of stations. After construction of that is complete, I will begin construction of cities around Kerbin, each having a different purpose, and finally the capital city of Everkrest that will be home to the tallest building in all of the systems. This building will more than likely be as tall as the game allows, hopefully taller than 10 km, but if we're lucky, then it will reach all the way up to 71 km, at the top there will be a system with the ability to fling objects into LKO, quite possibly a swing more than 25 km long, it will spin around a pivot at the top using engines, then after it spins fast enough, the object will be released, if not possible, I will construct an orbital space tether aka a space hook meant to bring SSTOs into orbit of Kerbin, if ever possible, a space tether will be put into orbit of every body that has a colony on it. Where I go next is still to be determined.
  4. It's just a suggestion for those more hardcore players and I who personally plays it on PS4 wouldn't mind hooking up a keyboard to my console and a mouse in order to put scripts together, and the non-native scripts would be possible on console because on a game such as Fallout 4 you can download mods through an in- game "Mods" menu on the main menu that gives you access to mods that have been uploaded for the PS4 version. Which means that we would only need an in-game menu that allows us to see scripts that have been uploaded and then we read them and download them. We could even use that menu as a CKAN type platform for downloading mods in the future which would be very nice.
  5. Personally, I feel like there should even be a setting for "hard mode" where you have to program rockets and satellites in order to fly them, even space shuttle re-entry would be an interesting feat that I've seen people conquer with kOS. And even making it so you have light speed delays for downloading scripts onto a craft already launched and on its way to Duna or even Eeloo would have a tremendous effect on gameplay. It would make interstellar travel interesting in the fact that you'd have to plan the entire mission before hand, even the landing, unless of course it was a crewed mission, then you'd be able to program the craft directly through a pilot as long as they had the high enough skill set.
  6. Very odd that you all are only hitting mach 1 or 2.... On PS4 all of my planes tend to go over mach 5.9, it's not even hard. But take this info with a grain of salt, I had a period of time where I was just trying to make my planes as fast as possible without using any bugs or tricks so now all of those building techniques are stuck in my head. Still though, it is too easy now to hit mach 5.9. I would also like to raise the point that it's harder to go above mach 4 when you reach more than 10-15 Km in altitude where as in real life it would be easier to get to mach 4 or 5. Another thing to take into point is that for me to hit mach 5.9, I hold at 30 meters above the ocean, when in real life I would barely be able to hit mach 1 at that altitude. You must remember that KSP2 is based in the future tense of the KUniverse so if anything RAPPIERs and all the other jet engines and early engines of the first game would be pretty close to the beginning of the tech tree.
  7. I wonder if the KSP team even looks at this chat, because we continuously complain that we don't get updates, and yet they never seem to care.
  8. I was snooping around in the astronaut and I discovered the mythical snack stash hidden beneath Jeb's bed! But then I went to the tracking station to review some of the craft I'm tracking, and two probes seem to be stuck in two of Kerbin's Lagrangian points! They're missions launched somewhere 25 years ago to Duna and they have both been floating about in Kerbolar orbit for some time and just happened to get stuck in the L4 and L5 points. No I don't have Principia, I'm on PS4 so no mods, but still I don't think this is a coincidence, Kerbin must've pulled them into the perfect orbits over time somehow!
  9. I truly hope that in KSP 2 there will be an official way to put a heat shield onto space planes. I'd like it if my wings didn't explode when coming in from deep space, it really does make it hard to land a whole space plane in one piece.
  10. We shall hope not, but hope is all we can personally do as players. So just keep waiting and complaining until KSP2 comes out, because maybe if we keep nagging they will add at least a small bug update. It truly shouldn't take 2 years to update a few simple things.
  11. I really wish I was on PC instead of PS4 so I could play with all those amazing mods! I am just jealous that your game looks so beautiful and your craft are so stylish!
  12. Wow folks, three days later and Juniper-2 is ready for launch. This time the Juniper vehicles KAL-1000 will feature a redundant parachute arming system that ensures deployment. This vehicle will use a prograde SAS stability to maintain an eastward flight. And 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition and liftoff, stability clamps are released, the vehicle is headed skyward, the rocket gains a heading of 90 degrees perfectly and as planned, the SRBs are halfway done, 5 Km now, SRB burnout, 10 Km now, launch escape system activated, it deploys early to get away from the capsule, the capsule starts tumbling, this has gone much higher than the last mission already at 29 km, we've reached a peak here at 31,796 meters, now falling back towards the KSC, it looks like we're right over the VAB from here 100 m/s and 30.1 Km, still falling, 200 m/s at 28.5 Km, YES, parachute arming confined this flight will need no control, the parachute partially deploys and the capsule starts slowing down, 10 Km now, 7 Km and 220 m/s, we're a tad westward of the KSC by around 500 meters, PARACHUTE DEPLOY! and a soft touch down after 4 minutes 23 seconds of flight! That was exciting folks, don't forget to tune back in next time for BigStar's KAL Kontrolled Adventures!!!! Sadly today we had no comment from BigStar Kerman, we were told he had passed out during the fall at around 10 Km, they said he had "Become incapacitated from hunger..." due to having "eaten all the snacks during pre-flight checks.". Well folks, that shows that even BigStar Kerman himself is hungry for adventure!!!!
  13. A SMALL REPORT: Juniper-2 is already in the works and BigStar Kerman is being readied for his second flight. There are rumors that Juniper-3 will feature a much larger SRB first stage with 6 smaller SRB radial boosters, each booster will have a different burn time as to make them all separate at different times in order to control the direction of the launch.
  14. The Juniper-1, there it is sat on the pad, a small sounding rocket to test the abilities of such a mission, BigStar in the cockpit ready for launch! This would be the first rocket ever where he only had to press one button to make it work, here goes nothing! AND THERE IT WENT! off into the sky, SAS off for science reasons, no stability at all, it gains a heading of 273 degrees and continues heading west, the first stage decouples perfectly, and the launch escape system activates, due to drag the capsule starts flipping retrograde as the sepratrons are still running, the launch escape system decouples, and the capsule starts tumbling, slowly it reaches an apoapsis of 22,432 meters, still waiting for the parachute to deploy, it's been more than 30 seconds, BigStar might just have to save this one, 10 km in the sky and falling, in the background Bigstar hears the first stage hit the ground he gets scared and presses the staging button to deploy the parachute, falling still, chute ready to deploy, it deploys what feels a little late, and perfectly he touches the ground, seconds later the explosions from the launch escape system hitting the ground near by ring in his ears! WOW FOLKS! What a mission! And he only had to press two buttons! What a wonder! Stay tuned for more of BigStars KAL Kontrolled Rocketry Adventures!!!!! A comment from BigStar Kerman: It was quite the flight, I've never had such ease flying, or well, not flying a rocket before. I just pretty much sat there and let it do its thing. Jeb was of course jealous that I was the one that got to save the day this time hehehe. Once I hit 10 kilometres I knew for sure that the KAL wasn't going to deploy the chute, but I waited until 3 kilometres to actually press the button in case there was a malfunction in the timing ore anything else. I'll be speaking to the engineers on ways that this could be improved, such as an auto-SAS function, which sounds repetitive, but it might just work, some way to keep the capsule headed safely towards the eastern seas. Have a great night everyone, and don't forget to fly with BigStar Aerospace, we've got nothing short of adventure!
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