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  1. Simple, easy request, can you make an orange version of the mammoth engine, or can you make all white variants of the 3m tanks and the engine. Having a whole lot of stripes all over doesn't look to good, I like sleek, modern rockets.
  2. Dres is better than Eeloo, but that doesn't mean I don't like Eeloo, it give a good big memory of how KSP started and should be loved as is, it is a reminder of evolution.
  3. Waiter, there's a @Spaceman.Spiff in my soup. I request some sodown!
  4. @Nate Simpson I absolutely love all the things that have been shown... but I have to ask, will there (and I feel like this is a dumb question) be the pre-made rockets? And a little extra on that, will there be one like in my picture from the trailer?
  5. No it's me again! Maybe @Spaceman.Spiff again?
  6. Correctamundo, I think @Spaceman.Spiff will reply next!
  7. This series is awesome so far, have you thought of using asteroids as 'resources' later on?
  8. The landing was a little rough on the edges but from what I've learned, rapid practice helps allot, do you have Super-Heavy? @RealKerbal3x
  9. Quite the essential haircut you have! I wish you very merry intergalactic explorations that are the spiffiest! @Spaceman.Spiff
  10. What happens if we reply though? Also why is it telling us to stop showing off?
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