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  1. I am... Definitely... As you call it... hyped
  2. I am glad to see that my thread became a part of the Honorable Mentions as well to even think that it was NOMINATED!!!! That is an amazing feat in my personal opinion, but then again I might just be getting ahead of myself. I love contributing to this forum and community, I understand that so many of us come from vastly different backgrounds and that each of us come together for our wonted (habitual; usual) love for space. I enjoyed my thread very much, even though it did not have the best of runs due to the expected unruly debate that would occur after posting. I knew it would receive criticism, but that's a part of the steps I as well as the rest of my community must take to one day receive acceptance from the wonderful world the each of us share. I must share my thanks with @regex, @MechBFP, @Bej Kerman, @Alastor the Kerbal Demon, and most of all @Pthigrivi!!! [snip]
  3. Imagine not having any visual mods because you're stuck playing it on PS4... Must be hard because everything is only as pretty as you can make it out to be... As well as only being able to handle an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of 300 parts and 2 FPS trying to keep the throttle down enough to prevent aerodynamic effects from lowering the FPS even lower....... Sounds like a challenge.... Totally. Couldn't. Be. Me.
  4. No. They are not as versatile as potatoes. You can plant potatoes anywhere. But potatoes will be genetically modified to taste like many different things. Our super computers will handle all the genetic modifications. They will also be changed to grow into a clone of any plant, but still be potatoes.
  5. Exactly, all consumed potatoes can just be turned into fertilizer after. The first potato powered zero waste society. Nothing left behind.
  6. Imagine that, a food console that doesn't just cook your food, but it also is food.... Genius. Potatoes could be the first portable quantum-computers. Infinite potatential energy. Potatential cars, trains, SKYSCRAPERS!!!! We could use them to make a Dyson Potato Sphere to complete the first hyper-quantum-computer!!!! THEN WE COULD USE IT TO MAKE THE FIRST GALA-TUM (galaxy-quantum) COMPUTER!
  7. Banned for saying that simple sentences spread apart by larger vertical spaces are paragraphs. Heh, I knew AP English bull-crap would prove useful one day; by meaninglessly banning people on random forum threads.
  8. Sleep is for those that aren't farming potatoes. You invirtuous traitor.
  9. Technically, it's almost political because I'm trying to take power, but I'm not debating about anything, I'm just farming potatoes and taking over the Universe. I'll produce enough potatoes to have a 1/1 scale model of Earth made out of mashed La Bonnotte potatoes. Actually, I'll make a 1/1 scale solar system made out of different types of potatoes, it will be completely edible. You could feed an entire planet with Jupiter's big red spot.
  10. Wait, this just in, they now just bought the land of eight countries with the most arable land: Russia - 121,649,000 Hectares, China - 119,474,200 Hectares, Algeria - 75,050,017 Hectares, Brazil - 55,762,000 Hectares, Nigeria - 34,000,000 Hectares, Ukraine - 32,924,000 Hectares, Argentina - 32,632,760 Hectares, and Australia - 30,573,000 Hectares. They have also started development of factories with undisclosed intentions, we believe their intentions are to make rockets, satellites, and other space fairing devices. Reality is, we're just going to set off for the other planets, colonize them, terraform them, and turn them into massive potato farms. Then, after that, we will start colonizing other star systems until we find another intelligent species to either ask them create machines to farm the potatoes for us or buy the potatoes from us, and if they don't want either, then we will start wars with them so we can steal their planets and terraform them for potato farming.
  11. It's come to my attention that KSP 2 will only be released on the newer generation consoles instead of the previous generation. This frustrates me greatly due to the fact that the PS5 and other newer consoles are greatly over priced. I think that we should all invest in potato farms, specifically in a place where labor costs are low and demand is high. I personally recommend Denmark, as it is only exporting around 2.171 million metric tons of potatoes each year, which means that the market is ripe for gripping. It uses 60% of its personal land mass for agriculture and much more of it is arable or can be bought from other farmers. Their minimum wage is 110 Danish Krones or 14.73 USD, this is higher than I would wish, but after gaining enough money, it would not be hard to take hold of other farming businesses there in order to develop a monopoly. Then we exploit this monopoly as well as our massive stock pile of money to use the good old fashion trick in business called "lobbying" law makers (DISCLAIMER: LAW MAKERS ARE NOT POLITICIANS, I REFUSE TO SPEAK OF POLITICS ON THIS FORUM| DEFENITION OF POLITICS: the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.) in order to ensure that our exports and potato making operations are uninterrupted. This monopoly will allow a 3900% increase in agriculture workers (from 2% to 80%) as well as a good raise of 16.99 Danish Krones, allowing their minimum wage to now be 126.99 Danish Krones. We will greatly improve the lives of the Danish, as well as raise their rank on the world stage for income per capita to the third best world wide. After this, we acquisition SONY, Microsoft, and Strauss Zelnick the parent company of both Take-Two Interactive and Private Division. This means that we can now drive down the pricing of both consoles and KSP 2, as well as dramatically increasing our profits. I'm a business genius, I know.
  12. I think that the only way I'll be able to get KSP 2 is if I invest in potato farming, then I can get three things; a potato farm, a PS5, and KSP 2. That's the only way I'll be able to afford it.
  13. Because some people like to croissant their butter.
  14. WRONG!!!!!! (OOH NEW PAGE!!!!!!) Hmm..... HMMMMMMM...... HHHHHHMMMMMMM..... @regex?
  15. Banned for being a visible black hole that's reflecting light of of its nonexistent surface.
  16. I'd assume many so far, as many of the developers actually just started out modders that created mods for those that couldn't themselves. So I'm willing to bet there will be a fortitude of suggested features implemented.
  17. I'm willing to bet if we continue the conversation they'd be more inclined to add it. Those that doubt that things will happen allow those things to not happen, for it's a matter of will power.
  18. Every accomplishment in human history only started because of a long conversation between many different points of view.
  19. I absolutely can't wait for such features, I like the idea of needing a plant nursery module on my space stations so they're sustainable. It will give our builds more purpose. Because if we just "accept things", we're never bound to move forward. The U.S. didn't accept the fact that the Soviets were first in orbit, so we made an orbital rocket, they got someone into space, so we sent people into space, they got someone to EVA out of their capsule, so we got two people to EVA. Then we landed on the Moon, because we wouldn't accept them to be ahead of us and if they landed on the Moon before us, we wouldn't applied glorious efforts to go to Mars and other planets. We didn't accept defeat, so they did. I will always ask for this until it's added and slowly I will gain more of a following until the devs have no choice but to add it because I'm so adamant about it. It's a fight worth fighting for the others that don't know how to speak up for themselves.
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