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  1. manually downloading and manually installing. I was finally able to download it earlier today, it just took awhile. For some reason, the download kept pausing and restarting. Anyway, once I installed it and ran KSP, I discovered that the current RealChute version isn't compatible with the latest update (1.11.0).
  2. I'm just wondering, has anyone redone this mod? I can't download it for some reason. Every time I try, the download fails. Is there also another possible download link that I could use? And, under the same token, is there any possible ETA on when RealChute 2 will be rolled out?
  3. Hey, I just tried installing MOIST, and the only parts that came up in the parts list were the intake valves and the aquajets. For some reason, the game wasn't reading any other parts. Help? I'm running KSP 1.10 on a 2014 Mac with Catalina (10.15.5).
  4. Okay, this time it should work! sorry, I'm still new to actually uploading to youtube.
  5. Here's the screen record link: https://youtu.be/7HQFwSTqPUg @Gargamel
  6. I already tried that. Too large And compressing into a zip file didn't decrease the file size enough. I'm just gonna upload it to youtube.
  7. Okay, I created the screen record but I can't upload it. any suggestions @Gargamel?
  8. yea, I did. Don't worry, I checked to make sure I didn't make that particular mistake.
  9. I have been at it for an hour, and I can't get it to work. Should I do a screen record, and upload it? Edit: I have been doing what @Gargamel recommended, and trying to manually with a Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod.
  10. "distance to dock axis" is for the docking port. What I can't figure out is what the 39.1m is measuring in the display. Is it possible that the fact that my command pod and the docking port are on opposite sides of my ship might be contributing?
  11. I'm aware of this bug. I thought it was fixed? I am running 1.9.1.
  12. How's this? Ship Station I also just realized: MechJeb is another mod that I use. In this case, the Docking Autopilot.
  13. I am trying to dock a ship to a station that is in Kerbin orbit, using the Clamp-O-Tron Sr. docking port. Station ship During Attempt (wide) During attempt (close-up) The mods in play are: OPT Spaceplane Systems (legacy, core, reconfig), Bluedog Design Bureau, B9 Part Switch, Spacedocks Redeployed, Station Parts Expansion Redux, and various IVA mods The mods I have listed are the ones that I believe were in use while I was attempting this docking maneuver. I do have more mods downloaded a
  14. Eureka! I found it! Someone resurrected the old OPT Spaceplane Systems mod. https://spacedock.info/mod/1808/OPT Reconfig When you download the actual mod, you are going to have to update the Firespitter plugin tho. The one that is bundled with the mod is out-of-date. Edit: you also need the B9 Part Switch for it to work as well.
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