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  1. i dont use a launcher to start up ksp also my computer doesnt do 64bit
  2. how would i do that? can i just can the bit of my computer like that or are you talking about my game? either way idk how to change that
  3. ] version Protocol version 24 Exe version 2020.03.17 Exe build: 19:51:57 Aug 7 2020 (7891) (4000) version 2020.08.18, branch: unknown, multicore: 0 Windows 32bit like this? this computer is relatively new
  4. ok, but what about the weapons not functioning properly after a few minutes of gameplay? like after some time all bombs and missiles wont do damage at all, guns work fine but the main stuff doesnt function properly
  5. well first off, which version the correct one? and stabilizer mod?(it says not to use with bdarmory) links would be helpfulInsert image from URL
  6. well when i physics range extender is on, it has massive lag almost unplayable lag. i get 16 or less frames when its on but when its off its perfect, but the only problem with that is bdarmory doesnt work properly with it off
  7. so does the physics range extender make your game... well you know, excrements?
  8. ok, but now the real question is how do you keep your crafts without having to delete them all and start or over with mods?
  9. i Appreciate you helping me but i know how to install mods where do i go to edit the health of any bombs?
  10. i"m thinking about buying all the dlc's but I don't have them yet
  11. also i got it fixed, i guess the way it was in was all in one file and didn't work but fixed it for now
  12. Like gamedata in squad files? because I don’t know what other game data files there are
  13. I took it out of the folder Especially since it doesn’t work and freezes up in the loading screen. I downloaded this from my friend, although he says he has everything that’s required but I don’t know how he gets it working unlike me. I need help understanding how to get things working.
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