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  1. It would react as if the planet is not tilted. To be honest I totally didn't think about this mod and don't know how to integrate it, though since only gas giants and stars are affected by the mod I don't see how ScanSat would be useful for them (or I am missing something?)
  2. I don't think any issue would come up by installing or uninstalling the mod. The mod only creates a 3D model and does not affect the actual behaviour of the game Regarding RSS, it is up to its devs to decide either or not they would add a TiltUnlocker configuration but since the Earth cannot be rotated yet I don't think they would.
  3. Hey, I've now been asked multiple times to add the mod to CKAN. Of course, I have no issue with that (and since KSRSS will also use the mod that will be easier for everyone) I also did update the mod against the last version of the game. It mainly includes the compatibility with the last version of Scatterer (since its internal system changes a lot I had to adapt the mod) and a fix that handles Kerbin renaming. Here is the download page, notice the mod is not compatible with the 1.7.1 anymore.
  4. By the way, I've updated the mod: now the rings are rotating with the body (in case anyone wants to not rotate them please let me know) and the planets are now stable on their axis. This was due to the ScaledSpace rotations being affected by Kerbin's one so I've had to make all of them rotate with Kerbin; this also fix the weird way the planet rotates when landed on a moon. Also the sun is actually blocked by the planets, which wasn't always the case.
  5. Hello, sorry I didn't see the forum notification about your post; It should be fine for 1.9.1 but I doubt it would work for 1.10 because of the new gas giant shader, if it doesn't work I will have to change the light direction setter of the material but that's it.
  6. For now I am working on automated rings adaptation and I am trying to fix the Kopernicus' OnDemand that gives black textures if you use them, I am not sure I could even implement rocky bodies tilting but sure thing I'd love that haha! (yes, I will try to do but don't except anything on this side, if it works it will be included, if not the mod will stay same ^^)
  7. [1.8.1 - 1.11] Tilt Unlocker Version 0.4: STARS AND GAS GIANTS ONLY Something that has never been implemented in the game and that a lot of people would love to see is axial tilt for planets. This actually has been incorporated into Principia but the problem is everything around (like the N-Body calculations) that are not needed for most people who still want to have axial tilt. So I have tried to implement that axial tilt with a light Kopernicus Plugin able to edit the rotation axis of any celestial bodies without PQS. I understand that it could be felt restrictive
  8. [0.25 - 1.9.x] Corona's model fixer v0.2 Corona's model fixer has the purpose to fix the 3D model of the stars coronas for planet pack makers. It always has been a challenge for planet makers to make decent coronas for their packs due to the stock Sun having a distorted mesh instead of a distorted texture. Thanks to this little addon, this will not be a problem anymore, any texture that has been made will be rendered as excepted. I know the new model is not perfect yet (the outer edges are not really equal in size) but it is already way easier to texture them. I still
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