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  1. I tried to get my SSTO to Ithil, one of the moon from the mod Ecumenopolis. Up until after the disaster I didn't know how to set the gear dampers. My SSTO's back gear hits the ground and bounced back, and hitting the nose onto the ground. No kerbals was harmed, but the Probe module is gone so it was a bust. Special thanks to Rhomphaia for helping me on the issue of getting the advanced tweakables problems down.
  2. Can you explain what is the Advanced Tweakable function? I have hundreds of hours on ksp and I don't know about this... and also I dunno how to send images cuz I've never used forums, but the setting window of landing gears doesn't have the Spring/Damper settings, not even the button. there is only: Steering Steering Direction Deploy Shielded Friction Control Start Retracted Light On
  3. I am playing in KSP 1.8.1 with BD Armory. I built a carrier capable fighter that can land at a very short distance. However, when I attempt to land, my gear always bounces the jet back up, causing the node to hit the ground. This happens even at very slow descent rate and high AoA landings. So I added support vertical thrusters so that jet can hand at 30m/s, but the same problem still happens. I know since 1.1.2 ksp added gear damper and spring strength, but when I right click the gear part, there are no settings regarding those two factors.
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