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  1. By far this is my biggest ship. I call it the "Mun Hotel" Or the Space Liner. Has a pile of pods to stay in and can make fuel wherever it lands. Has a spiral staircase... Top View; plenty of pods on top and throughout. Spiral stairs This is a work in progress. It gets up to 20,000 meters and then blows up. The explosion is so bad that it eats all my ram & crashes windows. I have 1 part somewhere slipping
  2. Here are a couple of Rovers. First one is called the "Munbus" Holds 9. Not stable enough for steep inclines. Here is is on the launch pad My East Crater "Pinnacle Base" This is called the "Mini Tower" Pulling up to the "Great Tower of Mun" @ PInnacle Base East Crater. This is "Crater Crawler 1" Holds 3. This is version 1 I have a better version.. This rover is great for going up and down steep inclines. Now you can see it is a "Hybrid" If I drop the gear we drop onto electric wheels so if it runs out of fuel it can make it to a fuel depot. And here it is on the way down Oh yes the "Goliath 2" Rover Lander & Fuel Factory. "H5" Lander landing on Moho.
  3. Love it! A man who thinks like me  "Think big, launch big"
    My Goliath 2 is a million pound lander :) I


  4. I logd back into steam and it downloaded some files and the issue was fixed and I can now save again.
  5. The game file won't save once I launch. Auto save isn't working either. No matter what I do, when I quit the game reverts back to being on the launch pad. Makes the game completely dysfunctional. Further wheels caused my ship to blow up when retracted on the ground and fast forward is used. There is also a bug with the structural adapter. It vanishes when you place it. IF you select the part it is attached to, delete it, and then hit control Z, it comes back still attached and behaves as expected. (T)
  6. I am now running version I must say I think it is a big improvement. I haven't put it through all its paces yet, but so far a pile of very serious issues seem to have been solved. Too many to go into it, but whomever is responsible, thank you! Caveat being my previous persistent file is now toast unless someone can make a converter. Worth the sacrifice. I still have all my ships so I will make a new Kerabalverse , but better with less clutter
  7. I started this on Oct 4 and have worked on it almost every day. Some days hours on end. This has been the most difficult thing I have gotten anywhere! Even getting to Moho was not this difficult. I think I had more snaps.. http://multiversesocial.com/kerbals/tower/ Damn! This is "Pinnacle Base" I wanted this at the top. Missed the target by a few hundred meters and I have less than 10 seconds of fuel left The Great Tower of Mun! Damn! supposed to be at the top of the peak. And I lost an adapter :(. Will try again! This is the tightest I have ever been on fuel and not died. I learned a PILE of new tricks and Kraken killing techniques. 2 months of work and fail after fail
  8. Probably latency in the DNS record if you never accessed my domain before. Should resolve when the TTL runs out. The default is I think 24 hours.
  9. The Triple A 3 Tanker... 2 SSS-3 Tankers linked outside Manley Station. The Exedex another tanker.
  10. Close! At least I verified the staging. Was missing a couple of fuel lines and as such 2/3 of my landing fuel The A15 Tanker... Delivering some fuel to "Manley Station"
  11. Well I managed to get all the way to Mun and ran out of fuel 4000 meters above the surface. If I didn't burn so much fuel fixing my declination, I would have made it. However I was trying to make a pinpoint landing at my "Pinnacle Base"
  12. Many hours of building ships Latest effort. "The Great Tower of Mun." http://www.multiversesocial.com/kerbals/tower.html
  13. Not doing so well as of late. Found some serious serious bugs. Rebuilt my latest project 3 times. Everything is fine till suddenly there is a transform error and one of my engines is rendered in outer space. From then on if I keep flying I suddenly go into uncontrolled warp speed. Thrust makes no difference and I have 0 control.
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