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  1. Whay apologize for the wait you do this in your spare time but I am glad for the update though. Really life comes first the game comes second. Can not wait to try it when I get off work
  2. @siklidkid for you to get the proper help with the mod the log file's would be a big help look at this link
  3. @siklidkid It worked for me yesterday. By the way you should give more info then does not work with x. Also log file would be nice
  4. Our for the people who have to work the grave yard shift.
  5. I will have to try it when I get home after work
  6. Just Browsing ksp froms while on my break at work

  7. Nice to meet you dikirkgir
  8. Can not wait to use this mod win I get home from work
  9. ItThis is my second try the craft name is I think I can v2. Total cost is 6822 total parts recoverd was 1823. For total of 4,999. I also did a temp reading for a Kelvin Ribbon. I did all of it camping to Boot to.