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  1. can you make an Ohio class SSBN submarine please, it would make my day. (1.9.1)
  2. ive been working on my own tomcat but i cant get the wings to sweep.
  3. 2,200 m/s before disintegrating mk2 6 vector engines i need to do a screenshot in a minute,
  4. Show off some of your best helicopters, stock and modded. i am working on a Bell UH-1 iroquois, downoading breaking ground to make a custom rotor using servos and rotors. does anybody know any good mods for small arms weapons like a 7.62 machine gun?
  5. i had an f-18, F/A-18+, F-22, F-35, and an F-16 in KSP v1.0.2, then i updated it (from 1.0.2- 1.9.1) and im upset because none of them showed up, so im rebuilding all of them, but this time im doing a HOW TO video on all of them.
  6. mine is a f-14 tomcat, ill get you a picture in a minute
  7. I know I'm really late, but are vector engines allowed since it is a "liquid Fuel engine?"
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