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  1. @Manwith Noname I've noticed flag parts are not supported in your TURD patch. Is there a problem with these models? Is it planned? Is it not relevant? To be consistent with your work I have not provided any support as well on MH flags (1.875m and 5m sizes).
  2. https://github.com/OnlyLightMatters/TURD-MH/releases/tag/prealpha Pre-release: It's all Shiny is available on Making History parts. I strongly advise you to use a disposable KSP installation to test it. Do not hesitate to raise issues if you find bugs, any feedback is appreciated!
  3. Progress status : all MH parts done except structural ones. Engines plates and Structural tubes were not a straightforward work. To be done : all panels and triangles. Then I will release a beta with It's all Shiny patches for MH.
  4. Hi community. Is there somewhere some plugins done to color-syntax KSP's configuration files that would have been done for Notepad++ or SublimeText 2/3 ? Thanks
  5. Yup and the release made for 1.9.1 still works in 1.11.X Don't think I've had to install any dependency. I've taken a look at TUFX, I think you can do everything you can do with KS3P with TUFX and maybe more.
  6. @Manwith Noname, I've had an issue which was impacting the RCS s1p5 fuel tank which also applies to another stock part. Symptoms A part with variants displays correctly with its standard default variant . Changing the variant works. THEN when changing back to the first default variant, the part is not modified. The other part having this issue if the Rockomax X200 16. Investigation The same error displays in the KSP.log: ERROR: TUPartVariant could not locate default or stored texture set data Looking inside Squad's files, both parts do not have a baseVariant = XXXXX stat
  7. You may have a more friendly way to get the information needed, with Kerbal Object Inspector. It helps to understand how a part is made, if different meshes are used and how, and which materials are applied on meshes. For instance that helped me to understand that the Cub Engine model uses materials from a Kodiak mesh (rd108).
  8. Oh boy he is alive Thanks for your answer, I am highly motivated to bring my humble stone to the existing work!!!
  9. Okay so I think I've understood how to make the It's all Shiny configuration. The name of the mesh is fully readable in the .mu file.
  10. Okay I managed to make some configurations on MH parts which share their textures with stock ones (Nose cone Mk16A, 1.85m Heatshield). I understood most of the work to be done except on specific textures (Normal, specular) and I need to make a first configuration on a part with variants to validate my ability to do the whole work. The only thing which really annoys me is the mesh statement such as here: +KSP_TEXTURE_SET[MWNN_Stock_Paint]:NEEDS[TexturesUnlimited&!Restock] { @name = MWNN_Stock_Paint_HeatShields_Fairing @MATERIAL { mesh = fairing textu
  11. To make Restock parts work with TURD, you need to make additionnal textures and add some updated config rules for stock parts to tell TU how to recolor them. I am a big fan of Restock/+ but in my very humble opinion of KSP player, enabling TURD on MH and BG parts is a higher priority.
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