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  1. Thank you for your response. I've tried mining with the largest drills and I do not have the problem. I suspect with no proof that the terrain elevation provided by your mod is not considered as the "ground" by the game. Do you want me to provide you by the craft i've used or any other material ?
  2. I've had a little disappointment lately (KSP 1.11.1, up to date with Bleeding Edge & Parallax). 1/ I have a ship equiped with small drills and they work fine when parallax is not installed. But when it is, i have a message telling the drills are not in contact with the ground. I tried to mine with landing legs retracted, it did not solve the problem. 2/ the crafts are bouncing on their landing legs, is there a way to stop that? I can provide screenshots, videos, logs if needed.
  3. Je viens tout juste de finir les sous titres en français rien que pour vous. Des fois je me demande pourquoi je fais cet effort, les SRT FR servent à 3% de mon audience un truc du genre
  4. Planning a round trip to Eeloo with a manned craft but without nuclear engines. There are some Orbital mechanic insights regarding each step of the journey.
  5. Yup, did not notice that at the fist time. I have 0.36t on Eeloo which is between 0.06/0.172=0.348 (surface gravity is 17.2% of Kerbin's) and 0.065/0.172=0.378. So the real value for Kerbin is a bit more than 0.06t.
  6. Hi community! I have a question about I have noted that a new set of variables showed up in the settings.cfg. EVA_CONSTRUCTION_RANGE = 7 EVA_CONSTRUCTION_COMBINE_ENABLED = True EVA_CONSTRUCTION_COMBINE_NONENGINEERS = True EVA_CONSTRUCTION_COMBINE_RANGE = 7 PART_REPAIR_MASS_PER_KIT = 0.05 PART_REPAIR_MAX_KIT_AMOUNT = 4 What I could not find is the maximum mass / gravity per kerbal. Do you know how much a single kerbal can move on his own? Is it an automated feature as KIS proposes?
  7. Have you tried the All Tweak addon provided with @VoidCosmos and @Lisias ? Be careful, it configures a general scaling rule for all parts. @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[TweakScale]]:FINAL { %MODULE[TweakScale] { %name = TweakScale %type = stack } } I don't know whether this kind of definition is still appropriate regarding TS or not, you should test that on a separate installation.
  8. Long exposures are nice but I don't do that exclusively Here are a bunch of portraits.
  9. Yeah I think you are right (all of you). Some quotes. Just make the maneuver node anew after every incremental apoapsis raising. -> The idea was to plan the node to make incremental raising so that each of them could take in account a strong normal deviation which happens sometimes for interplanetary transfers with inclined celestial bodies (Eeloo, moho). To help with this situation, people have made maneuver-node-splitting mods, that we might still find on this forum. Will do some research Additionally (edit add) if your TWR does not allow a single orbit bur
  10. What I have learn from KSP Orbital mechanics, from reaching orbit to slingshot maneuvers The Kraken hides in every part of the game Advanced Tweakables are a very nice feature But most of all, the biggest lesson is that failure is part of any design process.
  11. I've tried to understand what seems to be a bug in 1.11.0 Suppose you want to leave Kerbin. You plot your maneuver mode, you warp just before starting burning, you burn -> behaves like expected. Now let's use a craft with a low TWR. We need to achieve our transfer with slowly raising your apoapsis and gain benefit of the Oberth effect for the final burn. You plot your maneuver node. Several orbits before the maneuver node time, you start incremental burns -> the maneuver marker in the navball moves and can bounces up & down along on the pro/retrograde plane. The remaining
  12. Thanks to Tweakscale 2.4.4.x, a 10m ship with a 10m engine plate & 10m structural tube. This a study for a Duna Lander with Kerbalism. A *lot* of parts are hidden in the structural tube. For only 4 people because of Kerbalism the kerbals need space to avoid going crazy.
  13. Hi Team! I have noticed while designing a ship for Duna that I have 12% of water in the atmosphere (reported by the orbital survey) but no way to harvest this ressource via the atmospheric filter. Is it a will of the mod's designers or is it something that could be amended in a next update? Thanks for your response and thanks again for making this wonderful mod!
  14. I made this one on a beach at Cyprus. The name of the place is Aphrodite's rock. Here the photo had been exposed during 90s. The tripod is in the sea. The water is so crystal clear that you can see the rocks at the bottom of the sea.
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