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  1. I already asked a few days ago, there is none to my knowledge, this is why I am working on 2 tools : An online interplanetary tool A KSRSS deltaV map And I was coming back to this topic to ask how the ksrss solar system is built because I don't know much about Kopernicus. If I take this example for Pluto.cfg Properties { displayName = #LOC_KSRSS_Pluto_name description = #LOC_KSRSS_Pluto_desc radius = 111791.23 // 1143000 //mass = 1.305E+21 geeASL = 0.063 solarRotationPeriod = False rotationPeriod = 137964.168 tidallyLocked = false initialRotation = 0 isHomeWorld = false timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 1000 5000 5000 10000 50000 100000 500000 if // is a comment, how does the game know the mass and the gravitational parameter of the celestial bodies ? I am looking for some key values which are needed to orbital mechanics. How can I get them from the config files ? Do I have to install kOS and extract the values I need from a kOS program ?
  2. Well if I understood correctly, ksrss has to change a dependency from kopernicus-1.8.1-1 to kopernicus continued to be compatible with 1.9.1 (and maybe beyond).
  3. I am not talking just for the Earth but for every celestial body you designed. This information can be found in the DeltaV map for the Real Solar System or for the KSP solar system, this is why I am asking. Meanwhile I have found a basic formula which should be fine if no friction happens while reaching space.
  4. What about deltaV requirements to reach orbit from ASL ?
  5. Hi community. Is there a delta-v map, a support for window transfer planner ?
  6. The last Restock release seems to be running fine on 1.8.1. I say seems because I play occasionnally on disposable KSP installations, I did not do any extensive testing.
  7. We can dream of a world where Squad releases previews to modders or makes public beta of new releases.
  8. Because of Squad who broke the game regarding ressource management and the KSP Recall stuff that had to make Lisias (another spelling mystery, I pronounce it the greek way) to make the game working again, I do not play with 1.9.x. Fortunately Squad unbroke the game in 1.10 and Recall is no longer necessary. So I will completely skip 1.9.x.
  9. Hello @Nertea. I think this was just a report if it could help you in anyway. We know you and the team make an excellent work and chasing bugs after each new release is not a light workload. Lack of sleep? Stay zen, take your time. On our side, if we do not contribute, we have to learn patience.
  10. I've just launched KSP 1.10 for the first time after having read your post. I removed KSP Recall to test Tweakscale. OMFG it works, they unbroke it
  11. oooh KSP Recall is available on CKAN thanks @Lisias !
  12. Yes, KSP Recall is mandatory for KSP >= 1.9.
  13. Speaking of techniques, i've shared some of them in a serie of videos: Introduction of how to build flying saucers in KSP Building with structural adapters Building with heatshields Building with conical fuel tanks
  14. Hello dear community! During my career games I have designed many crafts but few survived the game they were initially made. Today I present my LITHOPPER (the one which jumps on a big rock) in this video. It can be built with lvl6 technologies. You can find the craft in this shared drive. It will be posted later on in Kerbalx.