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  1. When i see the future "stock" vanilla Ariane 5, i'm glad we have your mod....
  2. Such a shame Thanks @josselin2196 for his help on graphic setup, here some gorgeous picture of a Hermes launch on RSS: hello Moon one days i will come back for retrieve my trapped Kerbal. Thanks for the mod @Well
  3. thanks @Well and @josselin2196 for reponse. I see you use a "Planéte Mars Science" presentation for this picture: It mentioned a Cnes Report of 2006. Do you have a link to this report?
  4. I forgot that Old kerbal player do not know the word impossible. Someone know the difference between Ariane 541C and Ariane 542C?
  5. The craft file who are included in the mod folder maybe? Middle one seem more real. Good luck for the lander. I didn't managed to find ESA Manned lander concept. And for doing one without dedicated mod..... @Well One question, did the Ariane 541C have it's booster configuration like Ariane 6 or like Energia?
  6. A pity, this lauchers never come to light. I was lucky enough to see one launch of ariane 5. The sound of this launchers could have been glorious.
  7. I try to remake heavy lifter in ESA style, i see some picture and video on this threads about heavy derivative Ariane launcher. What are the source you use to make it? If you have more picture, i take it.
  8. How are you able to place part like this, each time i move part with move tool, it always move too much?
  9. Just by curiosity, what is four favorite launcher for heavy Science Sat for a duna mission? And did someone know a lander mod or style that fit with Knes launcher?
  10. Cool new mod to try. Did StarWatcher intended to fly with no service stage like Hermes? It doesn't seen autonomous from the inside.
  11. @josselin2196 Can a vulcain engine be use in vacuum in reality? Since you use one as transfert stage? @Well Is there a way to make the MRK docking ports compatible with the vanilla ones?
  12. I try this mod, but IVA still pixelises: here the monitor here the experiment bay? i think: Did there are a parameter or settings i need to change? @josselin2196 Cool video by the ways. i still did not reach mun, but it's give me more motivation to go there, return to kerbin on the other hand......
  13. Hello, i just install your mod ( first mod installed actually, it's been one week i begin KSP), you mod is very good, the model are very detailed. My french ancestor are rising again. Did there are a way to turn head of kerbal at 180°? The iva, i see from outside are pixelises, i see some picture of it with more resolution on the forum, i try to make a comic like story for fun.