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  1. Hey I have installed RSS/RO/RP1 in KSP Version 1.11.1 and everything is working fine unless every time i test my vehicles with "KRASH" (mod) and I return then to the VAB the game crashes what is really annoying especially when you have to test a lot of stuff. I just want once a working Modpack that I can use then for a very long period and I am so close to it please help me with my issue. Here are some Log files in a Zip-file . https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dqvor74vhnwwzzp/AAD37R5px2gePgPIJnjKmfiya?dl=0 Best Regards, Christian
  2. Hey guys, I have a good working RSS/RO modpack for the Version 1.10.1 Everything is fine only the fact that something seems wrong with the delta V maybe i am also just not good with RSS But the thing is I have a Rocket that uses 42000kN thrust for a payload of 18tons... that should end in an orbit 400KM aboth earth. SpaceX needs only about 10.000 kN thrust for 21Tons. But it makes also nearly no difference with the deltaV if I am on the surface of the earth or somewhere in space it changes only 1000 deltaV. I am new with Real Solar System so maybe it should be like that and I am just building wrong... I have uploaded my Modpack and the craft-file on Mega so you can check it out. I dont know if I am allowed to show the link to everyone for Copyright reasons but you can ask me to [email protected] hopefully you can help me
  3. Hey guys i kind of destroyed one of my most played savedata and I hope you can help me to get it work again So I once updatet to 1.10.1 but i was such an idiot and updated my backup too. So i must get it to work with 1.10.1 The Problem i have at the moment is with planetary Base system. I can load however my already launched bases but i cant launch a new one. If i do so i get Errors like: Missing KKAOSS.Central.Hub I hope you have some Ideas. KSP-Log AVC-Log UPDATE: I want to stay in 1.10.1 so no problems can come up in 1.11
  4. I recommend everyone to install it with ckan! I have now no bugs anymore but RSSVE is still not working and i dont understand why I hope somebody can help me
  5. Well thats standard with RO I have bugs and those are annoying but nobody answer me on any platform
  6. Hey guys, I changed now to RSS/RO and I like the realistic mechanic BUT I have some problems. First of all the rocketbuilding center. When I want to seset something with "ctrl" and "z" parts remove change their place and also hover in air.... and often the nodepoints disappear. Second I have installed RSSVE but the clouds and citylights are not there. The texture is red see picture: And third when I load a save data while I am in flight veeeeerrry strange things happen im not able to control anymore and the camera view is not avaible anymore. See also Picture the ship is there but in stage settings left many parts are gone..... I use for this Mod KPS version 1.8.1 I hope someone can help me or can somebody give me a good working package to download via drop box or sth else mabye also in a higher KSP version ? Best regards Muddyblack
  7. Hey guys, I changed now to RSS/RO and I like the realistic mechanic BUT there is one very annoying thing. And that is the rocketbuilding. First of all the Parts are not suitable so they dont fit that good, they are somehow in each other. Second thing I hate is when I return to change something with control;z the parts change their places and sometimes there is free space and the parts hover in air.... The last thing is when I change the size for example the length of the fueltanks the parts start to move ... Is it only my problem or normal with RO? Because it destroys the gaming flair and makes no fun. I hope you can help me
  8. Well it worked now i changed nothing maybe it just needed some time ...
  9. Hey I had to install KSP new last days and now i have the problem that it crashes very often. Mostly when I switch between the vessels. Now I tried already six times to launch a new rocket but nop still cant get it up it crashs while flying and now already every time I load the launch. Its often with unitycrashhandler. And I cant find a crashlog file it is really annoying and not playable. Only new log file is from AVC. Hope you can help me i already tried directX but it didn't help.
  10. Thank you for all of your answers so the major problem is that you need more time -> bad for the moral and need more food what means more weight more fuel needed got it thank you. But if we would have a rocketlaunchpad-base on Mun would we be able to change our route right ? ^^ And in KSP is it also funny for the performance take some reactionwheels somewhere and everything is fine haha
  11. Hey guys, I heared that it would be only possible to get to mars every 2 years (use less fuel). Well when i play KSP i bring my rocket into an ellipsis around the sun and then choose my target. I get whenever i want to every planet. Now my question: How is it done in real life do we take an exact course to Mars ? And why start only every 2 years if it works also otherwise or does it takes soooo much more fuel? Or is KSP in this kind not realistic (am i doing something wrong) ? Thank you kind regards Muddyblack
  12. Update: (still problems ;( ) Well it is now really better it is possible to take off. Thank you guys i learn more and more ^^. here the new craft: Well I know many pictures xD but they explain more than thousand words xD! This works now good BUT i have a second problem like Vanamonde said and you can see on the last picture xD the take off is not the best haha I get up to the air at the end of the runway to 200 meters and then i fall again like a rock on mun. I have 18 R.A.P.I.E.R engines thought this would be enough :O i have still no cargo in my craft so it has not the highest weight now its 370.000 tonnes. The acceleration is very slow. I need timewarp of 4 that it is not so lame xD. How can i get more thrust? Like always thank you for your help guys :-) A newbie learns oh man rockets are easy... ^^ PS: above the seond pic shows also my optoions for the elevons Have a nice evening
  13. Oh downside yes that makes sence thank you i imagined above at the bottom haha ....
  14. Well yes i tried to get the rear wheels between the CoM and CoL but it didnt help and my plane became a bit unstable while spawning and swapped while taking off but i didnt got it up. I now cheated my plane into 500 meters up here it is stable the big problem is to take off ^^. Well CoL must be close to the CoM good the other question is with the line should it be at the same line because at the moment it is bit higher and also like you said far behind CoM Well at the moment it has no cargo so the CoM will move if i get some Cargo in . (dont want to use it just for a one time mission) So if i got it right: 1. i should bring my front gear nearer to the CoM 2. get CoL more forward near to CoM (bring wings forward) 3. use bigger Elevons -> i used the elevons 5 think are big enough? 4. I'm german ^^ and im not able to understand this sentence here i cant imagine why could i make a wheel on my tail (looks and listen bizarre xD ) Gonna try it now
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